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For me. It's been a continuation of things that we my off and others like me have always known to be under the covers that were just not amplified right so even if we think about george floyd as an example clearly unfortunately unacceptable but. I think what's intriguing is that it's kind of like i was talking. About digital amplifying use cases this was amplified. You know for the world to see the past. These things were not amplified. They were things that were happening to people who look like me family members. You know that looked like me. And they were not amplified. It was oh okay. Wow and now we've been able to amplify these things using enabling technologies by the way. I e an iphone the home. It's a great great great great great device in its allows you to amplify you've been having in the background that we're not amplified that being said one of the things that i have been absolutely focused on a pass. Thirty years is to make sure that the way show up in the way i do. My best work is important. Because i really want if folks the me doing excellent job the next person that comes along that looks like me and the beauty of the person reminds them of may while that individual has a chance to be even better than me and to even exceed you know what even my expectations were for me so for me. It's not a facade will coming in. It's who i am. But the beauty of it people get to see you know who i am. And hopefully they're looking beyond me being a personal color but a person can maximum value. You know to the franchise in that neck scott to a personal color. That once again looks like me. It's like wow reminding us a bar on. Let's get him in here straightaway. He know some we can get moving and and it. It's this pulled through effect. That i hope you know tom. You know making sure that people i are involved in not just the injustices but also pulling through young talent getting that young talent. You know expose whether it's through mentoring internships yet. You name it clearly you know. We have a waste because in the end would we think about things smoke. Eater episode of the military. And i was born in birmingham alabama and in the day. I'm an american. I've never lived any place else. So i i was born and raised here of course a global student but i'm an american above all and And so i expect you know the full the full benefits you know that you know all americans staff and so Yeah and so these things that we've got to continue we gotta Not things but these these real issues. We've got to continue to amplify them even more. Not you know as an in your face thing but the reality is is. This is a reality. And so if it's mario galaxy than it's an american reality because i go back to what i said before you don't have an american have served in the army in the beauty of the army told me is that freedom is not free right. We actually pay a price that we shouldn't have price of freedom within our own. If that you know the enemy outside our borders. But i think we need to just continue to teach that we are not the enemy mark mark. I really appreciate you taking a little bit of time. In reflecting on that. I also thank you for your service and here at the conclusion i want to I'm so glad as you mentioned. This is a new relationship. I'm so pleased to have you. Now is a member of my network as well and so so please do have gotten to know your story a little bit better as somebody who is a seasoned executive across multiple leading organizations learning a bit more about this new journey that you're on in these new sets of responsibilities. You have csl bearing The most unusual circumstances in which you've on boarded and some of the substance of what you're driving a within your company. It's been a been a great conversation. Which i thank you for becky. Pitas enjoyed it as well and look more connecting with you very so wonderful thank you. Thanks for tuning in. Please join me on wednesday. When i guess we'll be pat grady. A partner at sequoia capital and clinch sharp. The chief executive officer of cripple..

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