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Is going on and then yesterday we got new emails which said that there was an email on on trump jr said hey you when i'm in the dirt on hillary clinton i love it is worth not mind i love it so there're now four versions of the story if you count last night's which was that he said well i should probably handled it differently so let's now talk about the matter of the president we know that jared kushner and paul manafort or copied on the emails and that they attended and the meeting see a half the say is plausible that the president's son his soninlaw and his campaign manager met with the goal of colluding with russia and candidate donald j trump never learned about left the answer that question so senator let's talk about the intelligence committee where you sit that's been conducting this investigation both in open public hearings an enclosed classified hearings of donald trump jr is i mentioned said he's happy to testify hopefully he'll do that in public i guess you're you're chairman richard burr of north carolina ana will decide when and where that happens but let step back for a couple of seconds because the committee's been following several threads michael flynn the former national security advisor in his meetings with russian and the circumstances of his firing and his business ties paul manafort the former campaign manager now donald trump junior noor and and what he knew about the people he was meeting with along with manafort and also jared kushner the president's soninlaw his meetings with russians and possible business dealings with sanctioned russian banks so we're talking about this latest shoe that has dropped in the last thirty six hours weird is it fit for you in the big picture let's talk about the emails that came out yesterday and then we'll talk about the matter of the committees and in investigation as i said our committee has a different function than robert muller robert muller has a job on the criminal side to determine if after a criminal violations it is our job on the senate select committee on television to tell the american people what happened our democracy in do it in a way that.

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