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Took like an kill some people in the kitchen until he finds the pudding. Great. The savage rising is. Biogra-. Jaden Smith stone asshole. There's some news for you. You did an interview this week where they asked him to explain some of his most fucked up tweets. Here's what he had to say about each and here's one of them. This was one of his tweets. They asked him to comment on. I am not a human and I don't speak English. Here's what he said. That's true. He told the reporter because I'm not gonna category and be categorized as a human, oh, humans are supposed to do this or act like this or spe-. People are supposed to act like this. I'm my own thing. He said, wow, that's very forward thinking. Here's another one. They asked him about how can mirrors be real. If our is aren't real. Please tell me the next tweet is like there ain't no dog that looks like lady. All sound like my inner monologue right now. This one comes from a study that a scientist was saying that the way the is perceived reality is not the way we actually see it. He said, making no fucking sense whatsoever. So he's standing by that means like what I think is blue might not be what you think is balloon. Also, there's a lot of colors in the electromagnetic light spectrum that the human I can't pick up like infrared and ultra violet and things like that. So we can't see everything. So he saying is, aren't real. And then they asked him about lastly about this one, if a cupcake falls from a tree, how far away will it be from down hashtag Jupiter. And he said about this one, that one, I really don't know. He said. Because he doesn't speak fucking English. It made me hungry though, a cupcake. I was like, who are we haven't cupcakes. I was away as we all know in Florida for like ten days and shit. Yes. And the thing that I absolutely miss the most was not my wife or my child or my doctrine me, yes. Well, you came out you and my wife isn't me as well, but I'm a mass. I ate at the veggie grill every day. I know every day the same fucking meal. And so for ten days I couldn't eat the meal and it really fucked with me and ship. So the whole time my kid kept texting me photos of her eat and veggie grill such a dick, but I couldn't wait to get back. So the fuck in this morning man when they opened up, I was like, I one here. I one, we really all they must. Where have you been? No right to pay. We almost close. We thought you went fucking non vegan again and shit. I was like, oh, man, I fucking went and had a vegan nachos. Can you tell me how that connects to Jaden Smith in any way? I'm just wondering how we got there. Yes. Anyway, I wanted a cupcake speaking lunatics terror reads in the news. She was doing a live interview in Australia. She was in New York and she was being on satellite to us drill Utah, stralia old. It's all the time. She's talk about her new, shark NATO film the last, shark NATO not going to be the last shark near though. And here she is talking to what is the version of the today show over there called the today show. It's exactly like their version of the today show, and she's she's fucking wacked out on goof-balls or something, something something's very wrong with her, and everyone thinks they should be. We should all be concerned for Tara read. It's my favorite one. So ridiculous. It's so bad that it's good and it's just, I mean, ready like outer space really had a BB instead of shark. We've done everything they see you, how can we top this off and they're like, I got it this time travel, and then we're gonna time travel one day with George Washington the next day we're dinosaurs with a pterodactyl and even Tara. I mean, it's just out of control. They maybe does it every set to the next level 'cause we did no the last one and it really makes sense for the first one, it really does. It makes the circle and I do really it's going to be an. Wow. Which part. All of that. She's gone full. Lo Han, you never go full low hand. I saw. I saw her very briefly at Comecon this year. Yeah..

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