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And thank you Ukraine's president Vladimir zelensky has met with the leaders of Poland Slovenia and the Czech Republic in Kyiv the three prime ministers travel to the capital by train in a show of support ahead of further negotiations between Russia and Ukraine set for today Russia's president Putin said Kyiv was not serious about resolving the conflict However Ukraine's negotiator has flagged room for compromise and people in the capital will be confined to their homes all day as strict curfews been imposed until tomorrow with the mayor of key vitali Klitschko blaming increased Russian air bombardment Now to an update on a story we did discuss yesterday a Russian journalist who showed her opposition to the conflict live on state TV and a station that she did work at has been fine just over 200 pounds Marina of the Annika was found guilty of breaking protest laws and it is not known if she faces any further charges in Russia But speaking outside of court yesterday she said she had taken a stand against Kremlin propaganda And here in the UK 120,000 people have signed up to the government's homes for Ukraine scheme on its launch day housing and communities secretary Michael go said the UK Hannah history of supporting the most of vulnerable during their darkest hours each household housing a refugee will be offered 350 pounds a month Now that will be tax free they will not be expected to provide food and living expenses but they can choose to offer this if they do wish Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts symbol then 120 countries and Jan guerin's this is Bloomberg Caroline Thank you so much Leanne guerin's with our top stories Well speaking of how the UK's handled the refugee crisis created by the war in Ukraine we have this interview Bloomberg's Aggie cancel that we just spoke to who's been covering the war from the Ukraine Poland border She spoke to the Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey who was visiting Poland to speak firsthand with Ukrainian refugees and charity supporting them Now Aggie began by asking Ed Davey whether he thinks that Britain is actually doing enough have a listen No I just wish Boris Johnson had come and hear and see these people There's an 8 kilometer cure people trying to get over the border And although the Polish people are being fantastic here you can see how traumatized people are how wide they are And I've heard people say we've heard it's too difficult and too expensive to come to the UK and they're going to many other countries You know the British people are compassionate They want to help We've seen that by the people wanting to open their homes and their hearts to people And I think the British government has gone far too slow If I hear another British minister saying they're doing the right thing I'll go crazy They're dragging their feet They've wasted time and they still don't seem to understand the enormity and scale of this problem And the response of the British government is just incompetent The prime minister has got to get a grip And when it comes to the British government's current position do you think that the need to have some sort of security checks on the people coming in is necessary for the UK I think you get people in And you can do the security checks there I mean I'm meeting mothers and children and grandmothers and grandchildren There's no security risk Get them in getting safe then you can do all the paperwork Why is paperwork making people cue making people not that our government not allowing the British people to show the compassion they want to I think the government just got this wrong They've misunderstood what a British people want to happen and they've certainly misunderstood understood the sheer scale of this And I take my hat off to the Polish people and so many poly volunteers and actually people from around the world coming here to help And I'm afraid it shames the British government And do you think that the British government if they're considering for instance the support of letting people in Do you think that they should be doing more to for instance financially support Poland or provide more resources to Eastern Europe in this time when so many refugees have come to the border regions of Eastern Europe Yes they can although I had to be fair I think they've done some of that I'd like them to do more The need here is huge But I think they need actually to find buses and planes to take people to the UK Charter trains I've met people at the train station just a few kilometers from here who they're planning to go to Germany to Lithuania.

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