I've found we are back we're talking. Nba draft the nba draft. Is finishing up the first round. As even i speak ten thirty eight. Pm eastern time. I pick in the draft anthony edwards second pick in the draft men to go and stay there. Pick lamelo ball charlotte biggest thing. I've noticed if you liked to player in the draft. He went to the worst city in the united states. Lamelo to charlotte cole. Anthony to orlando give orlando a little love. Disney better minihan to orlando. Yeah disney universal but like Anthony edwards to minnesota lamelo to charlotte. Ob to new york stop that. Stop that relax yourself Who just got picked rounding out tony bradley. Getting traded how the whole so bogged in bogdonovich. Whatever apparently agreed to a signing trade but didn't agree to a sign and trade. What great optics by the bucks to say to your superstar. That's approaching his prime. We're going to get this team better. We're going to make a championship push. We got you this guy jrue holiday which at this point. No bogdon doesn't make much sense to me and we're going to get you this guy and yawns probably signed off on it and now that falls through. It's not fully through. I don't about seeking other options. Now they did say for whatever reason he could still be intrigued Yeah looks bad for them. Another big nba news tonight. Klay thompson right. After we were talking to erik we get the news default and we thought they were at practice together. And we're asking about an. Eric seemed a little down but we didn't. Maybe he didn't even know because he wasn't at that practice known. I just realized you know how. There's the snapback bomb. There's some kind of the opposite. No no we interviewed jay williams. The net scott covid. No you're not understanding because this injury happened prior to talking to erik right but it went right after we found. Things are gonna turn around. Yeah he's never coming back on the podcast. After we spent like ten minutes convincing him how everything's gonna be great. And then their second best player tears his achilles. I feel kinda had that joke. I'm not it's not a joke but it's true but I kind of had the thought the entire night with the warriors the number two overall pick like what. If eric got traded tonight like he could he could very well my mind he could very well be in a package with a wiggins. The number two wise men like he's a young player. That people convinced that like you know what i mean. He's a young player easily. Had that thought in the back of my mind like did we just got old. I felt we were kind of asking low key. Do you follow this stuff. And he was pretty much like this stuff. He's yeah he's like. I just look at what tweets if i get traded get traded so speaking of woes and tweets like you're not being slide my dude he. He's dancing around tipping the picks probably because he works for espn and the he can't tip the picks because it's on the broadcast. Whatever dude has become so creative with how he then he goes he goes and waves tonight was like washington and then they were gonna get. Washington could only dream at night when they fell asleep of denny dropping them at nine. Today's that day. Yeah novel by adrian rows all right so other topics. Let's just started number four. How do you draft a guy that comes off the bench. I don't care if he's acc brown. I don't care. I don't care

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