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And then, clearing, late tonight, lower humidity, fifty nine degrees, partly cloudy north winds, tomorrow high of seventy. Six upper fifties tomorrow, night and then sunshine Friday Saturday with highs in the eighties and lows in the sixties and. Seventies from the Weather Channel I'm meteorologist Scott Lawrimore loose talk seven sixty WJR I bet I spit out one of mine. Before we get to the last couple of calls on this and wrap it up I cannot, believe that real authentic Montreal style Putin has never caught on here a. Really, and to a lot of people and I said to to Laura if you look at Putin you're gone but then you taste, it and, it, doesn't matter, what it, looks like just, the gravy cheese Kurt's, a crunchy fries like. The real awed so, good, needs to be marketed hangover food I think that's a great idea on other quick Canadian. Delight just across the border Harvey's it's outstanding unbelievable H. a. r. v. e., y. us they are just, go across, the ambassador bridge there's one right there Harvey's are fantastic rate great place. I'll let you go. To Dan this is, one that Kevin you. And I can relate to his eye wink. At Kevin Dan and Brownstone you or on seven sixty WJR. Hi Dan hi how are. You doing, tremendous When I was going to, college and Sault Sainte Marie one of the places that I, was always had ordered out was a pizza place. In, the. Handle. Spring up there call? Asti All right me potatoes. Carrots the pizza Patsy was just as good it had basically it was a folded pizza and just bite into that the grease If I could be wrong but, I think there's a place in Troy that sells them because once, in, a while and my grandma will go pick, them up and make them Dan you know what's funny might one of the jobs that. I have we we. Go up north, every, year and Kevin and I always joke with something. We, have in common were terrified driving? Over the bridge it save your laughter but I honestly I my broadcast partner and I get requests from. People hey can you bring me back past, so? We literally stop in the UP to pick, up passes for. People because. That's how, delectable, they aren't. The people that are familiar. With the past right some of the places actually sell them frozen ready. To go You got gotta do I'll by a batch of. Them, throw them in the microwave they're? That good I'll I'll vouch for that thank you for the phone call here on seven sixty WJR Rudy. In Almonte will give you the last word, here? Hi Rudy you are on seven sixty WJR what's up Rudy Hey buddy how about Rudy's barbecue Where's Rudy is located They're out of Texas but. They're spreading. All over? No kidding Wow Oh I lived in for nine years and I know I talked to friends and they said there's Rudy's barbecue popping up. Everywhere so now is it? Good is it Texas? Style are you familiar with these at Texas? Style you, know with the beef. Brisket all. That how would you describe the? Birds, yeah. Yeah, they're they're very popular in, Texas and I figured if they're popular, Texas they must be good and with a, name like, Rudy you can't go. Wrong. Yeah. Yeah I was gonna, say I was gonna say, if you're the Rudy by Rudy's barbecue come, down to, the Fisher building we'll. Take, care. Of yet but they Thank. You for the phone call Kevin are. You, familiar Rudy's Bermeo no, that was not there I was in, Houston seventy eight through eighty so. That was not there then, though yeah You know that's another that's a boy a topic for a different the the various barbecue. Styles, like you you go to the Carolinas. And you got the mustard and the pork and you. Go to Memphis. With the dry rubs, in the Kansas City style. In Texas style? Boy. That's a topic for a different day. I better shut. My, mouth as. I am so hungry all my goodness I'm a SaaS guy not a rub guy. Myself are you really yeah a lot. Of saucer a little sauce. I, just enough yeah that's. Vague but if I, can give you my. Cardiologists is listening to shut it off. Now Okay The. Review All right as I, was teasing wait till you hear some of these schoolyard games that an Alabama school border now. Deeming inappropriate we live in strange, Tignes France seven sixty WJR Seven hundred sixty WJR. News Marie Osborne a watery -mergency secret Detroit public schools drinking water being shut off, at all Detroit public schools at the start of the school year superintendent Nikolai Viti. Determining that the recent, round of testing found higher, than accepted levels of lead and other metals. And that, made it necessary, to shut off to trade drinking water at the schools the city of Rochester, the department of public works asking everyone in Rochester to boil. Their water they say drop in pressure may have caused a bacterial contamination in the water system. The incomparable Jimmy lawns former WJR mid morning show host here on WJR has died. Lawns, had a firm grip on the midday audience for thirty eight years here at, the station his audience participation games wore legendary here he wasn't a nineteen Eighty-eight Christmas. Time show. Well as you probably, know we opened up something a little bit different this year knowing that we're coming to Fairlane. And that was sort of a, talent search contest Very much, that and as we got a great response from folk Jimmy Lyon sister vibe by his wife, forget when we talked about very often on the air and. His two adult children he died in Florida on Tuesday at the age of eighty four following. A stroke the Tigers fell to the royals this afternoon Kansas City nine to two. And, checking in on Wall, Street this afternoon the Dow is up sixty points the, NASDAQ was up seventy nine right, now eighty three degrees I'm Marie Osborne WJR.

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