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Austin ninety nine point seven. Possible progress on border security on Lisa Brady, Fox News. Some hopeful sounding comments at least as a bipartisan committee continues its work the temporary spending that ended a partial government shutdown runs out a week from tomorrow. Fox's Jared Halpern. Live on Capitol Hill a deal to keep government open beyond next week in fund mortar security programs could come by the weekend and Senate appropriations committee chairman Richard Shelby says even President Trump was positive in a meeting today. I believe he was very reasonable. With other lawmakers on the house Senate panel trying to negotiate a proposal. Also, insist progress is being made and trust being built we're dealing with all the issues that have already detention beds. The need for humanitarian aid house appropriations committee democrat Lucille ball. Allahyar? Did not rule out some form of physical barrier is part of an agreement. Lisa meantime, Jared, the so-called green new deal is out a sweeping proposal to Democrats in congress aimed at reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions in ten years. House speaker Nancy Pelosi seemed to downplay it earlier today referring to it as the green dream freshman, New York, congresswoman Alexandria, Cossio Cortez, saying she does not consider that to be dismissive will not allow our caucus to be divided up by silly notions of whatever narrative, we are in this together. We are a hundred percent in this together. The proposals in the form of a non-binding resolution Republican Senator John Barrosso calls it, a socialist manifesto. He was baseball pioneer. Frank Robinson has died. The hall of fame outfielder was the only player to win the MVP award in both leagues you went on to be. The first black manager in major league baseball Franks. Robert Frank Robinson was eighty three. He had been in hospice care at his California home on Wall Street a down day..

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