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Loretta Lynn some she wrote it became the basis of a best selling book and the Hollywood movie my daughter Frankie Miller right before that and we'll send that out to make the Gibson desert good friend of Frankie Miller thank you for doing so called black land farmer and we started out with Dave Dudley to six days on the road Truckin Farman in coal mining going to continue our tribute to workers in the way of a celebrating America celebrate the American people celebrate their their their work in their in their their homes this is a good song Alan Jackson he's talking about his father that he can he can be talked about a lot of workers in many feels he's referring to him as a working class hero yeah hold this thirty years all and you won't see no this work and class D. role is always been as a wrong he knows startled no is he just and he he's got one what he's three much bigger than a and then and all one not even he's got B. brown all this work in class the role and that lance he all and two weeks vacation.

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