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We don't want these immigrants. So it was very that. They did that same kind of creation of in group dynamics across all of their pages. I'm already this is on point Rene hang on here for just a second. Because I want to get at least one or two calls in before we run out of time. Let's go to Michael who's calling from Toronto Canada. Michael you're on the air. Thanks for taking my call. My opinion is that we might be over thinking that. And it's most simplistic terms Russia wanted Trump to be elected in order to do that they needed to influence people to either vote for him or not vote at all. And because African Americans are easily identified and proven to be democratic voter. It seems like a relatively easy group to. Target. And I don't think they were targeted because their applicant Americans as much as I think they were targeted because they are ninety percent plus democratic voters, and I think that is probably the the rationale that all of this targeting boils down to don't think it has to do with their culture as much as it has to do with the fact that they voted a monolithic bloc. Michael, thank you so much for your call. Let's go quickly to Robert who's calling from raise Ville, Georgia. Robert, you're on the air. Hello. Thank you. And I enjoy very much every day. Thank you. What's your thought? Probably. I think that it's an insult to the African Americans that that are in their intelligence enough to have Facebook and tell them to graduate from high school, go college, and I just think it's an insult to them. Think that some Russian bull crap. Could influence them in anyway. Well, Robert, thank you so much for your call. And it just say if you feel like we've had story after story about how Russia had, you know, its efforts to influence American divisions in American politics, obviously Russia thought that it would have an influence not just on African Americans. But American voters at large over many months and even years as Rene Directa is telling us, but thank you so much for your call Rene, which has got a minute and a half left here to go. And then I wanna get your response on one thing about how Facebook, you know, says Cheryl Sandberg put up a post Facebook posts saying that the company is taking the findings of your report, quote, incredibly seriously, and that they're going to work to strengthen in advance civil rights on our service. We know that we need to do more. This is language that Facebook uses repeatedly every time we have yet another report or story coming out about fundamental problems with this platform that now reaches to. A billion people around the world. I mean, they know they need to do more. But it doesn't seem like they are doing enough. I mean, have you been impressed or not with Facebook's response so far? And what should they be doing? You mentioned you had a family member on the election integrity team. I think that the election integrity team, you know, I did some work in some communication with them in eighteen and they did a it was a remarkable turnaround. They really did make a concerted effort to be absolutely on point to work with researchers. And I think that they deserve commendation for that more generally speaking, I do think that at this point the regulations approach is going to be where we need to go. I think that we've seen that self-regulation just doesn't work on its own in this industry. Well, so then hopefully, the Senate intelligence committee reports that you've done is a step in getting washing to Washington to perhaps do that to go down the road for regulation on social media. We'll see what happens. Renee, Directa director of research at the cybersecurity company new knowledge, she co authored a report on Russia's influence campaign on. Social media did that for the Senate intelligence committee. We have a linked to it at on point radio dot org. Thank you so much for joining us today on point is produced by Anna Bowman Brian Hartson ski Lena modest Affonso cut Sonus Alison poli James Ross Schroeder with help from David Marino. Our executive producer is Karen Shiffman. I'm gonna talk through body. This is on point..

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