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I'll I'll believe it when I see it. You've heard that people say that all believe it when I see it but God says there are some things you have to believe in order to see it now. Anybody who is a professional understands this architects know that they have to believe it that the building can exist before before it's built and they've got to see it in their mind and believe it in their minds I before it gets on paper before it becomes a building. Nothing just happens it starch arch believing that it could look like this before you see it happen. Any athlete knows that in order to win the race. You've got to see it in your mind. You've gotTA gotTa believe it's possible for it happens. Nobody goes through Olympics thinking. I'm not going to win. They go with the attitude of. I believe I could win this. You have to believe leave it in order to see it and they see themselves mentally crossing the finish line before they ever run the race and they go over and over and over in their minds rehearsing and rehearsing that that vision that image any artist has to see the painting in their mind and believe. It's possible before they put the paint to the canvas before for they do the sculpture. They've seen in their mind and they believed it in their mind before they saw it as a reality. A scientist has to think it's possible to do this like go to the moon and they have to believe it before it becomes reality some things you have to believe you've before you see it. Wernher von Braun. who was the father of the American Space Program said no great achievement has ever been achieved in history without faith? It's believing believing before you see. You have to believe it's impossible long before it happens. and Faith Trust God to make the vision the dream become com reality. That's radical faith believing before I see it number. Two faith is obeying when I don't understand it faith Nathan obeying when I don't understand it. And God gives us two examples of this in his hall of fame Noah and Abraham Him Noah in Hebrews eleven seven. It says this it was Bhai. Faith that Noah built an Ark to.

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