What to do about black spots on my Dracaena?


Collins. Says i have a. That's about a year old. It sits in a south facing window. I've started to notice clusters of black spots on the leaves. They don't rub off so. I don't think it's mildew i only wanted to plant when it's dry and the pot appears to be well drained. Do you have any ideas. Well i have an idea now. And that's all it is at this point not being able to see the leaves and him checking to to see if there's a fungus on them there still could be a fumble type of disease in those leaves. It could be that it is simply getting too much sun Amplified by the glass as a matter of fact in that south window You might try and moving to a spot where it would still get light from that south window but not not the plant would be to the side of the light pattern. That would be one of the things you're seeing is usually Except for us. He said he waters only when it's necessary and and that is the best way to handle those I know they can be killed quickly by over watering pot that doesn't have a drain or simply watering too often. And so on South window seems to be one of the things to be careful. And as i'm speaking of that. I'm thinking about where i have seen her sina and I'm i'm thinking of a couple of situations where they the plant had never been turned and they. I don't know how they were but they had literally leaned toward the window. And we're leaning against it and i think in this case it was an east window so it'll be just morning sun but it was the craziest looking and it had literally taken a nosedive over onto the window now beyond that then If he is where he could get the plant checked out. Take a leaf for two to a garden center where there are experienced people there and have them check to see. If it looks like it is indeed a fumble body and that wouldn't wipe off in many times leaf. We'll have fungal parts between the upper and lower layer and so on but i i have a hunch that it might be the direct south exposure. So maybe stay in that same room but just move out of the direct sun pattern. I that's about the only thing. I know telecom. 'cause sounds like he's doing everything else right and they're a plant can can age gently So i'd say give it a try.

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