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I'm Sean Delaney, and you're listening to what got you there. What got you there is a must follow for entrepreneurs, creatives, high achievers, and change makers each week I sit down with some the world's most influential people and focus on the journey behind their success. We uncover the strategy tactics and routines that help them get their now it's your journey. So it's time to learn what's going. Get you there. Today with Sean Delaney. What got you there with Sean the Lamy. What got Dan with Sean Delaney. What Where do you funnel all of that energy I think one of the Meta frames of life his energy technique and focus the three have to be broken down discreetly by all of mastery requires. Philosophy and deconstruction answer decoding is very, very important. Part of what? I. Do because I'm trying to work cast persistent patents excellence. One of the most important parts of in game selection is where do you focus all that energy people can spend hundreds and hundreds of thousands of hours. Away stuff and they haven't asked the first order question. What.

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