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Start by satisfying his hunger. And then with what is left you may adorn the altar as well. John preached his provocative sermons. Right there in the church attended by the emperor's courtiers and flatterers. The poor loved him for it but the rich were not happy at all. In fact most of john. Chris systems reign as bishop of constantinople was taken up with one wearying tempt after another to undermine him in the usual subtle byzantine way but the time for subtlety past when john managed to offend the empress. You doxa personally. It was always whispered that you dock. Co was the real power in constantinople. That arkadiusz didn't do a thing without consulting his domineering wife and the statue of eudoxie that was set up right across from the church of holy wisdom was absurdly expensive. According to the historian socrates it was made of silver and it sat on a base of poor furry said socrates at this statue they used to hold public celebrations which john regarded as an insult to the church. Since he had regained his usual boldness of speech he used his time against those. Who did these things now. Although it would have been proper to send a petition to the authorities asking them to discontinue the celebrations. He did not do this but he employed abusive language and ridiculed those who had enjoined such practices. He preached one homily for example against the use of facial cosmetics which was a particular passion of the empress. You doxa took john sermons as personal insults and to be fair. They were pretty insulting. The worst of it was that they were so good. People laughed and quoted the best lines for days afterward so john soon found himself in a web of byzantine politics from which there was no escape and sad to say there was no shortage of prominent church leaders who are willing to in his downfall. The patriarch of alexandria. The office seized the opportunity to gain prestige for his own city church. He also took the occasion to settle scores with monks who had fled his authority and sought refuge with john. In constantinople theophilus recruited a powerful ally in the renowned epifania of Who was by then very old and somewhat easily confused. The office played on. Epa fania says hatred of the doctrine of origin and convinced him that chris system was nothing but an origin. Est in shepherd's clothing. The emperor summoned ascended presided over by theophilus to make an examination of christim's deeds and opinions but john refused to attend an in absentia. He was deposed and exiled in the wake of the banishment. Some strange occurrences took place at the palace and the empress interpreted them as divine punishments so she recalled john to the capital and he returned in triumph welcomed by great crowds people but it was not long before he offended the empress again and his enemies again were ready to exploit her.

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