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To your Parkin. She's band you're paying your blocked. You can't listen. You can't listen to the food jokes anymore. That's funny anybody. I know if there's any pineapple lovers out there who like it on their pizzas secretly fucking throw some black on their hit it with some hot sauce and tell hey girl about it later. We'll fuck it. Let's get into. It is now time for this week in food history this serious gourmet suit. Modern men and women apparently do not have a monopoly on being tired. And we've been looking team for ways to stay awake and quench our thirsts since forever. Okay so enter Polska poster post ochre. This is an ancient ancient energy drink which had never heard about until I started trying to find stuff to talk about this week. I think I think surge was an ancient energy drink to my God. It had had a what was the thing. Everybody was afraid of the yellow five or whatever I don't know there was an ingredient in surge side died now one time me and a girlfriend like drank a six pack of surge. Together like a sleepover and then we were like. We're like real horny. Thirteen year olds and we were talking in all this mad trash that we didn't know anything about you know and it was right here in airmen. That went right to our parents room house for another a year. I was not sexually active but I knew words strung together in a sentence that I thought made sense. It was like issue like sand. I WanNa see appears but serge aside. Tell me what is post post guy. So it's a mix of vinegar her salt water and herbs that originated in Greece. But it's the Roman army that actually made it famous curse so basically everybody wanted to drink wine right. But you can't drink wine all the time you're GONNA be fucked up on the battle. Yeah so this was a way to use up wine that they'd capture on too long. I e Red Wine Vinegar Mhm and then thin it out with water so it stretches farther and then they made it tastes good and that's why they served it to the army as early as the middle of the Roman Republic era so like around like five hundred. BC The military ration post guy to all of their troops along with grains and very occasionally occasionally meat and cheese so basically. I don't want to say the Roman army was Vegan. Were mostly they were definitely flexible. And that policy in the military rations considered are a continued for centuries well into the rise of the Roman Empire. And they're taking over over of the whole Western Hemisphere in just fucking throwing back Red Bulls. Oh yeah so they drink it by the barrel fall and it was said to give the military it's legendary Stamina Anna inefficiency drink's acidity and slight alcohol content would have lessened the bacteria content. which made it safer in these ancient times drinking straight water? Oh that's weird. Yeah because tainted water would take out whole army and whole cities alike so having this light slightly more acidic content would kill some of that harmful bacteria and keep the soldier safe makes sense. Yeah and in addition to that Vinegar with thought to stave off scurvy which would take out whole armies too and. You might be own stupid everybody news. It's vitamin C.. Nobody knew it was vitamin C. Not Not then Eh. US Army actually rationed apple cider vinegar to troops in the Mexican war when they were stationed on the southwest border because this was Bike confirmed scientific facts. That vinegar helped cure scurvy well into the eighteen hundreds so the Romans had been doing it since forever so we we were just biding their style with our apple cider vinegar so among soldiers and common folk post get continued to be enjoyed well into the Middle Ages so so would you drink something like this. I would try it. Yeah but like. I don't really the only caffeine consumers that coffee but I do love the idea of like like if you were to airdrop on the troops right now just by fucking red bull monster energy drink for all the that for all the truth. This is like almost like a flat can buca right. Yeah because it's a vinegary lot of the same ingredients slightly alcoholic collegue. It has some early taste to it in salt. which is good to have in your water if you're getting dehydrated if you're marching like a thousand miles in the military? I just thought this was so interesting. I would have thought that they were just drinking water. And I feel like maybe like a military presence and energy drinks kind of go hand in hand because I will say mhm they like when I drive around Los Angeles especially Texas when you see PICCO that has a US army or the Marines stickers that there's there's there's a monster energy logo pretty.

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