Dan Mccreevy, Nancy Pelosi, Mark Harris discussed on Charlotte at Six


We're told the men inside did not have life threatening injuries right now. Low Politiken did you watch the debate last night between democrat, Dan McCreevy and Republican Mark Harris two men who've never held office running for congress in the ninth district. I've covered politics for a long time around here. It's fascinating to me. The Dan McCreevy is trying to distance himself from being a democrat. I don't think that anybody should go to Washington as a democrat I or Republican I should go as Americans. I I think that's what we're missing McCreevy who has never been in politics says the most important thing in the campaign to him is protecting social security and Medicaid, and he accused Republican Mark Harris of wanting to make big changes in social security. This is an area where Marquez said that he would cut. So scary Medicare? I am highly offended by the fact that it would be said that I would cut social security and Medicare. I never said that that is a lie is being perpetrated throughout this campaign. Calling McCreevy Aligarh probably the strongest language of the debate much of the hour was spent with McCreevy sounding very Republican. He did not utter one word of criticism of Donald Trump even praised Trump's fair trade efforts McCreadie said more than ten times during the debate. He's a marine as a marine who carried an M16. kept bringing up his military service, a Marine Corps veteran, and he insisted he would not support unpopular democratic leader Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house if Democrats win control in November. I will not support Nancy Pelosi. That's nothing personal renew. People up there, we need some new blood. But Mark Harris said McCreevy is tied to Pelosi because she spent about three hundred thousand dollars on television ads attacking Harris. But I think that there is a certain naievety if you will to think that you will go to Washington as a democrat and not support Nancy Pelosi who frankly is spending that three hundred fifty thousand dollars that you're referencing to run negative ads against me. In fact, I think I heard that ranked third in the country and the amount of negative ads. The Nancy Pelosi's pack is spit, even though McCreevy would not criticize Donald Trump. He refused to say if he would consider impeachment. If Democrats do win the house he dodged the question. These kinds of decisions are very serious decisions decisions that need to be handled based on the facts in evidence as a small business owner. I don't deal in hypotheticals ideal on the facts, and that is a decision or any decision related to our constitution that I would treat very seriously based on the facts at the time in his television ads. Dan, McCreevy talks about becoming a Christian while on combat duty in Iraq in Iraq. He found another calling and was baptized in the waters of the Euphrates river. But former pastor Mark.

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