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Around the world in this media. Bashing Melia, I hasten to add that my criticism particular media coverage does not detract one whit for my conviction that the media are the opposite of the enemy of the people to quote, our constitutions opening words the media constitute an essential ally. We the people the opening words are we the people I added that? The media constitute our essential ally crucial pillars of our democratic Republican. And also both liberty and equality now to be sure just as the media has a crucial responsibility to scrutinize and criticize all public officials as do we the people? We also have a right and a responsibility to scrutinize in criticize how media choose to exercise their great power and their freedom. So I am in particular instances. So I am now exercising my free speech rights to critically comment on one particular way in which the media, I think too often have chosen to exercise their free speech rights in discussing campus, free speech, in my view too many media account. Counts have unduly exaggerated her and students allegedly negative attitudes on the crucial issues of both race and free speech on their campuses in here. I echo Heather McDonald's point when she talked about the responsibility to refute the victimhood ideology, so I'd like to incur site, some encouraging evidence that students attitudes are actually much more positive. And that means that fortunately that the situation of race relations on their Kansas are also much more positive than we often get the impression, for example in a two thousand sixteen Gallup night survey nearly three fourths of students describe the racial climate on their campus as excellent or good and especially note worthy. These. Positive attitudes were shared by large majorities of minority students so again the racial climate on their campus. Excellent or good that was agreed to by seventy five percent of Latino students seventy percent of Asian students and sixty two percent of black students. Encouraging results were also reported by BuzzFeed news last September in what it called the first comprehensive survey of hate speech at higher education institutions since the two thousand sixteen election to be sure that survey confirmed one hundred fifty four hate speech incidents at one hundred twenty campuses around the country. I do after note that even one such incident would be one too many. But we do have somewhere between around at least five thousand canvases. So it could be a lot worse in any event. Buzzfeed. Concluded that colleges typically responded to these bias incidents quickly and to the satisfaction of their students. In nearly every case university presidents sent off mass emails condemning the hate speech, most encouragingly minority students are increasingly raising their voices and being taken seriously that development has been hailed by Shaun Harper who was director of the university of southern California's race and equity center, he describes it as an UN muting of black collegians in contrast, hate speech, laws and other comparable countries. Too often mute members of minority groups and their advocates. That's a major reason why so many human rights advocates and other countries are urging abandoning. A censorship of hate speech and moving in the direction of the United States, for example, the UN committee on the elimination of racial discrimination recently complained that hate speech laws have been used to the detriment of minority groups and threatened to curtail expressions of protest at injustice, social discontent or opposition. So in short hate speech laws are the worst of both worlds. They do stifle opponents of discrimination. But they do not stifle discrimination on that ladder point. I'd like to quote, French human rights lawyer on. Yes Calamar who is director of the global freedom of its freshman program at Columbia University. She noted that European countries with strict hate speech laws recently have been ravaged by intolerance, and increasing. Inequality as well as rising levels of violence and hate in conclusion having gone beyond. The theoretical justifications that are asserted for censoring hate speech to examine how such censorship actually operates. I am more convinced than ever of the harms that censorship causes. Likewise. I'm more convinced than ever of the benefits that will continue to flow from are increasingly vigorous counter speech, including from the department of Justice, and from other nonsense Oriel countermeasures, I note these positive steps not suggests that we should rest on our laurels. But rather for exactly the opposite reason to Rev up our resolve to continue fighting for all of the important goals. Liberty folly democracy, individual well-being, and societal harmony the progress we have made on these essential oils has flowed from speech, not from censorship. So we should feel encouraged to stay the course working together despite disagreements on other issues. I think all I know all of us here are bound in this common. Cause we must all continue to exercise. What is the most sensual right of all for protecting all of these vital causes? And that is our right. Not to remain silent. Thank you very much. ACL view, president Nadine Strossen.

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