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Hey what's up everybody i'm khartoum jackie's neil mammogram opens here and we are the host of a new show called culture kings on how stuff works we cover a whole range of topics on the show but one of the things that we talk about the most is sports because we love them junkies wasn't sports sports a half the curves are the best team of all time this ridiculous egger kevin durant as the greatest player of all time nonsense my favorite basma players lebron james he's the king of the world and we'll get into that all culture kings download or wherever you get your podcasts apapa gas or anywhere just listen to it hey this is the enron to run a and see his graciously seeded their time slot this week two percent of full linked version of christine's is interview with kevin durant michael beasley to aired impart on sports on you can also see the hourlong video on our espn you to pitch and now here's christine's is dinner with keady in bs king really yup role of a wall is this word though yeah peres wrestle where where the first time you guys message was at at saint would soon those is always okay go ahead go ahead those gogo air principles context every day so are artists will decrease the police is that europe will see at that time i'm like man what kind of deal you've got i i also concert so this.

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