WordPress to Alexa - Christian Petroske, ShoutWorks - Voice Tech Podcast ep.080


Make it available to anyone and it's free start and it's just ten bucks a month if you want the full set of features but But the real the real problem we're solving or small businesses for entrepreneurs is a is. You know you're trying to build an audience. You're trying to engage. You know whoever it is your customers. Your readers your Your leads and and to do it over this new medium where you you definitely have less competition than a lot of other channels and where the possibilities for deeper engagement or actually greater so give an example like there's so many things you can do with showers. We've got if you're a restaurant you can share your daily or weekly specials throughout your a digital marketer you can get you can put up a voice lead magnet and actually get sign ups. 'cause it's it's not just one way right. It's interactive we have a bunch of travel blogs travel bloggers on works right now use it essentially as another way to To make the most of their of their written contents with they'll do they write blog posts. They're doing this anyway. Have a blog. You're writing pushed all the time and publishing them on all kinds of channels social media your email newsletter. Now without words you can in one. Click add voice to your your roster of channels that you're using and i mean the the most important thing of course is getting engagement from that channel and allowing people who they may not be looking at a screen all the time right who may be washing dishes or going for a run or do laundry. Whatever it is. They have to use both their hands. Can't look at a screen but you can still. You can still consume your content. The typical way that people have done that is by creating a podcast of the. You think you've used this before it takes ten hours to create one episode of a podcast. Right that's just an insane amount of time and of course like most small businesses or entrepreneurs are not gonna be able to invest that so shower is a way to get some of the same benefits impact on your business a real engagement with with listeners and users that you can get from august but get it one hundred times easier. Where where you're leveraging. The advanced of alexa amazon has invested in. Were heard the best years longer. And she'll narrate your posts and and there's a lot more that you can start to do shower very soon because we're we're we're building out a bit in the next couple of months. You can add audio content. You can customize it a bit more as a lot of exciting stuff to come so we can. Maybe dive into that later. Christian is a really exciting mission I love the fact that you're democratizing the creation of Alexis goes in that way to a much wider audience. I'm completely with you on that mission. is is absolutely right. What you're saying. I'd have said it many times in the pasta. Podcast take timmy. Ten hours or more per episode. I exactly the reason why. I'm creating rumble. Studio is to democratize the creation of audio content. Sounds like you're doing exactly the same thing. Shout words democratizing the creation of alexa skills. Which is which is a wonderful mission to be on. And i think your your plan of exploiting and capitalizing on the the huge as a base That what press have and they're increasing growth as well as as a really solid ones that congrats on that Completely got it. The problem that small businesses have is to build an audience. They want to have deep engagement when they want to be. Present on all the the new channels like voice and and experienced and it will take advantage of all the benefits.

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