Apple Releases Revised Version of iOS 14.2 for iPhone 12

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Let's begin with apple. News apple release fourteen point two but he was a interesting released of this on the past but he was specifically for the iphone. Twelve meany and fixing text messages on a couple of other box so they have done these days and i think part of the reason they have done. This is to avoid leaking This is not the first time they needed it. But pay if you got a an iphone twelve meaning make sure that you update to the the last of the reid version of this Our next one is About talking about features of Big mac os or and you know now that they've been using it more Even dad is still is not my main machine. I'm continue impress of how well certain things work. In comparison to catalina again. I'm mike book is not mike main driver. My main drivers pat but there is still things that i do in in the macbook. An ibm impressed. How my old. I have an old mike. Macaire two thousand thirteen because there is no reason to upgraded but dad now having the same messages between the ipad and macbook. Dad has been nice because it was something that you know a lot of times you get down and get a message from just go. Pick another device because he was so annoying how that works so there are things like that that has worked incredibly well Interestingly enough i was really looking forward for the ipods switching between the devices and dot has turned to be a nightmare it may be. Because i have too many of them. I don't know but a lot of times. I am on a coal on the and then i moved my head or change device on suddenly i lose the call that has been annoying their ways to fix it you can tell them basically disable they switching but it was something that i really was looking forward. The romantic idea of yes and grabbed the other device and change out the medically am. I really didn't thought about yet. But what what when you're using multiple devices in the same call That do not work as well as i planning my mind our next Item is creek for the regency talking about running native window on the aim. One and on the new max chipset then us. On the reports we have seen has meaning credible On this chipset and it makes sense. I mean they integrate everything they made it in a really nice way and even the reports we have seen on his speech on on the mac sunday comparisons between the old macbooks macbook pro with the new ones are really incredible on so many ways so there is a lot of people wondering can i put windows in this thing and so far you cannot. I was reading over the weekend. Somebody ready port i version of it nut deficiency microsoft version but as for the for the rugged said it's up to microsoft and base it on what we have seen on the news lately about other companies looking to get into this arm. I may see us a possibility that they really jump into this one. I'm i'm skeptical. I think that you know eventually you know someone will make microsoft windows at least version. Ten work on the m one chips The reality though is that apple is I even heard linus torvalds the progenitor of the olympics colonel which we all know is running a people say lennox. But it's really the open source operates on top of that and the you know the whole notion of the m one chips is that apple is moving into this more island unto itself architecture creating a a privacy wall around their entire ecosystem and they're only letting in those who they want to let in and So i'm really curious whether or not this is really there Shot across the bow to all suffer developers. You'll all you know folks. Generally that they're going to be controlling this. And if you wanna play with them you've got to play by their rules and they do it now. 'cause they're making the chip they're making you know they're making everything So yeah. I'm i'm not particularly interested in running windows on a mac anyway but i think that you know seeing folks kind of bend the rules and making it work will be interesting to watch.

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