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To kill themselves. Watch that I've seen a lot of good movies. That's not one of really recently. I've seen a lot of good movies that is not one. But I like it though. Brolin headlines information, tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day. Say that you want to see it. Yes. And I want to see it. Dan said it wasn't very good. And I said what I like it. Yeah. He would like it. Our tastes are different her on the Paul game at lebatardshow bird boxer. Good movie. How does it work if it's an unseen monster? How do you see it? It's never explained. It's never you. Never get to see what the monster is that it's changing people and making them harm themselves. Whatever it is that makes them harm themselves. They think it's beautiful. What have you seen? That's good recently. I saw the vanishing yesterday a surprise me. Because Gerard Butler is excellent. The way that the tension. It's three lighthouse dudes. It's based on a true story. Three lighthouse due to go a little bit crazy. And you see how good people become bad in slow motion in real slow motion. And it was I was surprised because I don't think draw Butler is a very good actor. He doesn't speak very much in the movie. There's not a lot of speaking. There's being a lot of a lot is being done with the face it. Maybe that's his wheelhouse. Not speaking. You make it a better movie, and the other thing the other thing that I've watched I just I guess I've come to just consider these things movies. Was it? I'm gonna get the name wrong of this movie. But it's also a net. Netflix original series of Ben Stiller directed. Escaping. Don Amora is that how you pronounce Donaghmore? It's a prison escape movie, and basically, it's seven episodes. So it's not a movie, but it ends up being a seven hour movie feeling like a seven hour movie. If you're just going to binge watch it any Showtime, I believe Showtime. I've been watching it. I'm on episode five right now. And it's fantastic. Good like prison break. I don't know that movie prison break TV slash lake seven season. Somehow they kept getting arrested and they were in prisons all over the world, but every season somehow back to jail, and they had to get out. Spoiler alert. They always did Ben Stiller shows a true story, by the way. By the way is near lost. That's two dollars for you. Let's let's check in on snoop Dogg doing some play by play on LA kings hockey. This is courtesy of Fox Sports west play by.

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