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To a park and just tried to throw people like a g a little more difficult than than a playoff game for me just mentally. So i'm big into like making it feel as big as you can and whatnot so i just enjoy the playoffs man. I have so much fun plan in those games and our team. The energy is just so different Any any team that's been passed out different that it feels but i think most of our guys kind of embrace that and we just have a lot of fun man and i think as far as the relationship with you encouraged goes was there an and this is beautiful that you talk about motivating yourself creating the moment fucking fire yourself up. Was there ever a moment that you thought to yourself. You know what sure. He's the older brother. I'm the little brother the younger brother in this relationship. But right now the the naysayers are the bully on the playground. And i'm coming to kick some ass now. I'm tired of hearing this shit that we can't get it done for him that he fought that balls in my hand. Let's go. was there ever like putting him on your back or taking him out there with you. Kind of feeling now clayton's about something that you need to do that. I don't think you know what i mean. I was so happy to see the kind of the run. He made this year in the playoffs and a lot of the a lot of the critiques of him. In the playoffs are so so unfounded. If you really dive what he's done and had two days three literally wrote a blog about just wrote the wrote them for a long time and that's the way the game has been played. You watch boss and bring all their starters back would've voted in that game. Three things like that like that happens in the playoffs but at the end of the day. Like if you look at his first start on normal wrestling. He's always good. He's still clayton kershaw and he's still been really really good. It just so happens that he had to try to be superman all the time for a lot of years and i think this year. We had a couple of guys that were able to do that. Julio step does for huge upfront site never seen anything like it. You know so. I don't think clayton had to be that. I'll editor who's be clayton kershaw. And he certainly was a i. Don't think a team has won the world series at home since i believe twenty thirteen You guys clinch in the like the brand new ballpark. It's in taxes. You're not playing texas but like did you guys almost take like the. Hey we're just gonna launch us on the road type deal because they allowed eleven thousand fans in there and most of them are dodger fan so it's almost like you did clinch the world series on the road. Because when you get a clincher your your home fans are gonna fly to wherever that is that they can actually see it like. What did it feel like to clinch in a neutral site but also still have a bunch of your fans there. I thought it was really cool. There brought fans and to be honest with you. It was nice to have that kind of energy back in there. a little bit I will say the atlanta fans are now they got on pretty good but you know what man we we were there for a month. Whatever it was so we didn't have to change locker rooms. We didn't change anything hotel like our days were pretty similar and they felt pretty at home to us. You know. so you know dodger stadium and it wasn't fifty thousand of our fans but for us inside the club. All's we had moved our cleats out of that locker in you know so. We've i think we felt pretty at home. And i'm not gonna say. I ever wanna do it again. But but i think the neutral site thing was wasn't as bad as it could have been. Do you like it though. Like do you like like the. Because i i know scott. Boris was the guy that had the idea originally where he was like. They should do this every year. Like even before the pandemic like make it like a world series week almost like a super bowl. Feel where you can go and celebrate the game of baseball and it's played at a neutral sites that fans of all teams can go there. Do you like that idea i. I'm not crazy about it. Oh i think i think can be done well. I don't think that that's kind of how our game is played. I know. I like the two three two the travel day. You kinda get to go home and take a break like the these games from the wild card on our so mentally different than anything that that normal baseball is ever gonna feel like so you know. Obviously i can put myself in the shoes of like an nfl player nba. Because i just don't know but mentally. You are so much more drained from those games even when you're not playing even when not pitching so you know i think i think that's a two sided coin that right like you can stay at one place and never leave and then you never have to travel but i think having those off days in there is is something.

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