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All of a sudden so that probably started the domino but tom tom brady saw the writing on the wall hold all this guy the last year of his contract dean treaty yep i got a couple more years coach bela check israel trump is more friendly and show me towards them then he's ever been towards me some bill bell check display else fired the first shots when he said it wasn't exactly openheart surgery lacerated his hand right and then the next day after the game he says this is a media circus it wasn't a football crisis and brady saint i'd twelve stitches not not 10 yet twelve stitches an and to quote the boston herald again today battle lines are drawn between these two so brady's now this is his way of firing back publicly his nicy nice way it's not open warfare but he got him a to their day gold demonstrate tribe betray me who i'll take care of atami neil noon where you'll tree jimmy d with him this is not good in wales get up i'll enforcers what do you think robert kraft setback late sunday night and thought about what happened to malcolm butler you think he liked it well first of all was he got through the pro once he got through that they lost the game processing that that's the first thing and then he said hold on the guy made the greatest defensively in playoff super bowl history it he doesn't play it we're giving lit up by a guy that looks like joe montana who in an ride white this is the guy who played the most defensive snaps in the year the most but i i will tell you this and then channel back me up on this there is a huge difference between your number one quarter your number two corner and your number three corner and it there's a reason there's a reason cornerback has become a cornerstone position the that used to be.

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