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So for me, when I was bored, I would go out to my job when I was a kid because that's what I love to do. And so sometimes you know, I I'll do when I've seen my daughter the past couple of years or my kids, and I'm like, no one wants to go out and shoot who's dry. We've got his nice glass backboard, you know, it's not like the old five a lot blast. Crappy thing I shot on as a kid and it's probably just because they don't love it as much as I did. And, and so I, you know, has kind of come to terms with that and then you know, my daughter's pretty good. You know, I coacher the way I coach every other kid on the team, but. Once we get in the car for the most part, I'm done and I and I have to be done and I have to go back to being mom. 'cause also like, you know, I'm only coacher for starting amount of time and even now I'm done, she's she's awesome high school. I won't coach her again, but I'm going to be her mom forever. So I had to kind of find that separation, although it still hurts my heart sometimes, but I'm just watching my kids doing whatever. And I'm thinking, you know, got basketball outside. We had this great coop up. How can we know what about the Bs fair, but realize your kids just, you know, wanna do different things from from what you wanna do. It, it really does. You know, I used to have this saying that. You know, if if an I'm obviously much older than you are, but I used to have the saying that if you took the the, the officials, the fans and the parents away from basketball. It's an unbelievable game. The kids can really, really have fun playing basketball, which is what they used to do back in the day. They would just go to playground play basketball. No fficials, no fans, no parent involvement. And the kids had a great time and they got better and they competed and they fought in the argued. And you know teams, one teams, laws guys got beat up or you know, things happened and you learn to deal with it and. You know, I don't know. I get be interested to get your take on. I don't think kids are are are allowed the fatal like they don't understand that losing is good. It's good to lose. When you're young, it's good to get caught. It's good to have disappointment and that so much now is about parents protecting their kids from failing and from being disappointed. Do you experience that. Yeah. It makes me think of a few years ago where I'm in the car with a bunch of with few of my kids and and I think it might have been my oldest choose thing. You know, we lost the game because x y, and z, whatever the excuses were. I don't know if it was blaming it on the officials or weight loss because we lost the game. 'cause cheated, we lost this this. And then my my, my second daughter who maybe at the time was around eight, but we lost the game because the other team was better at scored more points than us. Sounds like, hey, yes. That is exactly why you lost the game because the team was better that you. But yeah, it's it's always some some excuses, or you know, even I was coaching Wednesday, and I told the kids. All right. I've picked the two older kids and the two oldest kids on the team. I said right now, choose upside and they look at each other. Like, you know, they were afraid to hurt. You know, kids feeling like this is what you do. You choose up size and and and then I wanna experience it. It makes me think of what's going to be hard for me. I think as I watched my kids play sports that was watching. I was coaching my oldest in a game again, just like a little local kind of a tournament this summer, and and at one point, a girl on the other team who my daughter was guarding drove to the basket sport, and the parents of of of that that back girls team all like applauded a little bit too loudly insured a little bit. Two thousand and then the second time she did it. She stored on my daughter. Again, they arrested again and I was in it. They took me to times to realize, oh, they're cheering because they think it's a big deal that that girl just sport on my daughter..

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