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I think if you're going to do media serving like if you're going to serve up a bunch of media in your home, you're probably need one. I, but to me, it seems like it really comes down to how much data are you going to sling around and at some point it may just need its own back. Yeah. I think that's that's a great way to go about it. And if you're looking to add one, you don't have to go out and buy the most expensive, MAC mini, don't even necessarily have to find a new one, right? You can find a gently used twenty fourteen or two thousand twelve even MAC mini, especially if you're not doing a lot of video encoding or that sort of work, if it's basically just going to be a file server, you don't need a lot of computer to do that. And that may make it a lot more forcible. Or if you upgrade a family members? I'm acrylic a friend of mine for a long time used his seventeen inch PowerBook as a home server now, that's sort of hilarious because it's an enormous laptop. But it he just had some hard drives hanging off of it. It was up in a closet somewhere always on. And he already had it. I didn't have to sell that machine. And go buy something else. He could repurpose an old. Mac, and if you're just sharing files and doing time machine backup, and that sort of thing, that's totally fine. You don't need something brand new. I got a better whatever friend who has destroyed laptop screen, and literally I mean, the screen is. I it looks like somebody shot a bullet through it. I don't know what what happened. You know, the computer runs fine. And except there's no screen and he runs it as a headless server. Stuck it in a closet literally had the server poor thing? Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. Sad. I kind of admired that though I thought. Well, hey, it's keeping the the MAC running. And you know, it's still doing a job. I like that. I I like that re-use approach it can be. It'd be a great way to to cycle a MAC, you know, from from sort of everyday use to secondary use a machine that may still have life in it. And there's no need to go out and get something new unless you're doing a lot of plex and coding or you're using it to like, offload development tasks or something like that then. Yeah. You probably gonna want something newer. But for a lot of people even the way, I use mine, honestly, I need new one I replaced my Tony eleven because it was on its last legs. And sometimes it would start and forget that it was a MAC and lose its boot drive into all this crazy stuff. Okay. I've had it. You know, seven years. I'm okay to upgrade this. But you don't have to do that every time, and it's probably less time to replace it before it fails, then the wait till trails train. Yeah. Put. It back together. What what about we haven't talked too much about the small office room? We've talked about home server at the top of the show, we're mentioning that two thousand eleven optical driverless quad core Mak mini was a great office service. Lucien.

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