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Twenty six degrees. Fair skies right now in New York. It's nine o'clock. This is WNYC FM HD and AM New York. Welcome to NewsHour from the BBC World Service with James Menendez in the studio with me Raza, equal outside the UK houses of parliament where there is political turmoil and uncertainty today six hundred fifty members of parliament will vote on a critical element of Britain's relationship with the European Union. How we leave the block the prime minister faces a crushing defeat on her Brexit deal with no clear indication of what will come next. Also today reports of an attack in the Kenyon capitol Nairobi, the former president of Ivory Coast, Laura. Backbone speed acquitted of crimes against humanity, a huge leaker voting data. Cast further doubt on the election result in the Democratic Republic of Congo. If this is true, it would represent a huge electoral fraud in the deal. See perpetrated on the Congolese people all of that coming up after the news. Hello. I'm Chris Perez with the BBC news security forces in the Kenyon capitol Nairobi have been responding to an attack. That's a compounds containing a hotel and offices in the west loons district of the city reports say at least two explosions were heard followed by sustained gunfire. Our correspondents Tommy Oladipo is at the scene. Three vehicle on fire just outside of the off. Well, I've seen people let out with gunshot one and several other people have been let out a lot of them are obviously in shock, and in tears. They have cordoned off the compound and only emergency seventy dollars being allowed in took a while before the ambulance services got share. But now there are a few of them were attending to the injured. Witnesses say that they saw some combat and come in. But we can't confirm any of that. All we have right now. He's tweeting as the after legislators in the British parliament beginning the final days debates on the draft deal to leave the European Union ahead of a landmark votes, which Prime Minister Theresa may is expected to lose MRs may faces concerted opposition including from many MP's in her own party from Westminster. Here's rob Watson. I think she has an absolutely massive massive defeats. But is it possible that let's say parliament tries to find someone alternative to her deal. Who knows? And the reason I say who knows emphasize that is that it just tells you about the extraordinary uncertainty. Brexit has ruled on British politics, and this sort of eleven now with less than three months to go until Brexit day, two and a half years on from Brexit. It seems to me any outcome is possible. No deal. No brexit. Second referendum. Mrs maes. Still a different deal or one of my absolute favorites delay the international criminal court has acquitted. The former president of Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo of all charges. He was accused of crimes against humanity and other crimes committed following disputed elections in two thousand ten and a holiday is in the Hague. Cheers of indication rang through the public gallery is the judge announced. There was no case to answer. He said the prosecution had failed to prove numerous charges against the former presidents, including speeches by Laura pike, Bo constituted, ordering or in slicing the alleged crimes as the first head of state to be handed over to the course, Mr. booze extradition from the Ivory Coast in twenty eleven was celebrated as evidence the ICC could bring the most powerful state figures to Justice does Imbaba in government says it will give civil servants especial allowance to help with the rising cost of living one of payment. Of between five and twenty three percent of monthly salaries has been promised. The announcement comes on the second day of protests against a fuel price hike. World news from the BBC. This is WNYC in New York and morning. I'm Richard Hake. It's nine oh. Four later this afternoon. New York governor Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy will both give their state of the state addresses. This is at two afternoon. We will have both speeches streaming live at WNYC dot org. And then tune in later to all things considered for reaction and analysis New York state lawmakers are expected to pass legislation today expanding protections for LGBTQ people WNYC's Mara silvers reports. One Bill would illegal for mental health care providers to try and change a minor sexual orientation or gender identity. State. Senator Brad Wellman says banning conversion therapy is long overdue. It is barbaric. It is child abuse it should be banned. And that's where we're going to do another Bill would make it a legal to discriminate against someone because of their gender expression or identity. The Bill known as gender will add. Texans for transgender and gender. Non conforming people in accessing education housing and employment. It will also expand the hate crime statute to include a fences motivated, by gender expression or identity, legendary actor Carol Channing died this morning at ninety seven years old. Oh. Harry. Hello, louis. It's so nice to be back home. Best known for her role as Dolly Levi in. Hello. Dolly. Man. I can. Still speaking to WNYC in two thousand five Channing said she worked her way up to the role. I.

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