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Cbc or Tweet Me Action Kramer. We're Corona Virus Twenty four seventy days and this purgatory could be with us until this epidemic runs. Its course sure. Hope it does while we wait for that to happen. Any Day can be colored by reports out of China on the number of people hospitalized. The number release the number who died. That's why the markets seem so whistles today delving tipping twenty five points. Spf Wendy percent. Now it's important to percents which is good a place as Eddie to roll out our game plan for next week. I as know. We're closed Monday for Presidents Day but China's very much open. I fear another awful set of statistics use antiquated Chinese authorities. But I don't know why more people though says they don't know what to do. They want people to go back to work. They want the GDP up. They don't want to let people down so the toll key to discouraging but the whole world is hang on these numbers because if this operate goes Pale he could turn to an existential crisis for the globe. If it gets there you'll have executives fearing not just for the coverage but for the laws that's right the very laws. I think the new infections will keep climbing. And it'll colored Tuesday's trading but again remember what I said from the very beginning. No one listened to me. Trust no numbers out of China Gold Trust them. What else Madison Tuesday Walmart reports? This also comes with an analysts beating. This now earns a bunch of people predict analysts. Predict this week that the quarter might be week. Although that's not clear to me at all I think much of their worrying goes back to targets disappointing results but if anything. I'm betting Walmart gain market share from target as lots of good things to say. We want to know how much they'll be hurt by the China's slow down and pick through their supply team we disrupt the important foods domestic. They've got a huge amount of business. That's that is from domestic source. But they have a lot of China now. Maybe you don't WanNa bet something something. So how about now case you bet on Mitch. Chronic medtronic member the medical device maker. We see them. We got to San Francisco. Now this is going to be the last conference call for the legendary. Ceo Omar Schroeck. And I expect it to be real. Good he's made shareholders a ton of money. In his time Wednesday. We might learn what this network plans to do with the assis buying for next to nothing from sprint. T. Mobile now I. They pledged to build out a wireless Debra can. I think we need some partners to make that happen. Or maybe we'll just tell us about the quarter in teasers about the future that could be now. We also hear from balanced health. And that's a company forming on his values and they come in all the time and this things become a reliable fixture in the growth stock community ever since Joe. Papa came in the CEO to fix the now. He's developed the habit of making the numbers. So unless bash reports are real bad day for the corona virus. I think the stock can go higher. Now we've seen some incredible moves in the semi stocks. Haven't we haven't witnessed invidia boring today? If you're amazing quarter we're going to spend more time talking about in video later this show how about analog devices. Api while it's nowhere near as is video. It's been consistent winner thanks to its Internet of things exposure kind of the manufacturing industrial semi. Then there's a Longo Alma health and I've been a big fan of wet as you know it's another animal health play but it's had been moved along on the other hand not as good as lettuce right but it's been a bit of a of a spun off and I like the odds on this one at this point. I'm not fan of oil to put it mildly. The stocks have been abysmal performers. Both because there's glide but also be his. Wall Street now cares about sustainability. Nearly every day that goes by we hear more stories about divestments and that block is gaining steam. The fossil fuel stocks tend to have no grow dicey balances especially for natural gas horrific fundamentals pressure naturalist. Kim Look at it. But there's one growth oil company. I actually want to listen to you. And that's pioneer not buying natural resources. We should push close now. These guys are always played straight. They'll give us the real skinny where the industry is headed. I trust them. I know lots of people are bonded about this negative stance when fossil fuels if you own stocks so if you hate hearing bad things about the industry well put your hands over your ears is. I'm doubling down right now. From energy transfer partners eating the giant pipeline company a same day. And I think you'll be able to figure out that we simply have too much pipe for ATP's own good. Now I also want to make further point says a very high yield and yet I worry about the size of that you'll given what's been going on in the AMMO situation. Avoid the stock well Thursday Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings reports. I think it said to say that the past is not prologue cruise industry right now. This whole industry is in crisis. You got a cruise ship quantity off the coast of Japan. It's filled with people to me. The Japanese you're making human guinea pigs for the krona virus number allowed off. Another ship was stranded. Asian wars didn't even have the virus. It was rejected by five ports until Cambodia. Generously allowed them in. I'm wondering just how many reservations have been canceled because the Disease Chapman crucible DEMOC. So how can you this Norwegian your? I think it's too risky. You know before the Corona I did like this very much but I want them to make the case. We also get results from one of the worst performers in my travel. Trust the embarrassing Viacom. Cbs Viacom finally merged with CBS. Reuniting after fifteen years separation I never would have guessed we had a first class ticket shareholder hale is incredible how this company has done when it said it set out to do to everything. It's it's it said emerged of the wall. Street considered impossible but it stock is probably the most hated the S. and P. Five hundred will why. Because it's all about cord cutting and people cutting the court that combination is. What attracted me to the but these days Viacom CBS. What more to entice other shareholders? Until then I'm talking about a broken stock you want consistency vote for American. Let you power con Ed which important warning respectively. These are two of the three best utility stocks along with Dominion Energy. Who we're going to hear from very night. I kinda napier absolutely worth owning ahead of the quarter but those talks have been smoke in all right. We hear from dominance to it. I want to know if the company still under pressure from these cheap on online delivery platforms. I'm talking about posts. Door DASH to privately held companies can afford to burn through cash because they're playing with venture capital money. The competitions hurt them but the action in the stock. Typically today for Domino's tells me that maybe there's some good things happening. It has traded incredibly wellness week. Now here's one that you know I've been behind. It's been struggling of late. Then toss booth and be able to pull out its tailspin. This was my favorite healthcare real estate investment. Trust re come under Farley. Because as MRS own forecasts thanks to an oversupply of nursing homes at least on the APP. Listen we missed it. I'm betting your deb. Cafaro gets the story back on track. She's historically been a bankable chief executive plus ventanas pay you a five point three percent yield to wait for the turn that I think deb is going on in gym. Cyber-security security stocks have become a little problematic plate now one of my favorite Z scaler reports after the close and its stock has been sneaking back up after some real turbulence makes sense to me. This killer does cloud scurry and I think that remains a hot area I think the Z. Scaler is going to be fine. I really do. I know I was cyber was a bummer. And didn't didn't that that well but I think this was finally. Friday brings us to deer and regular viewers know that I'm partial to the former equipment maker. Worries me though is that the corona virus has the whole agricultural complex. Stole who've been doing terribly but never fear. This is an election year and in election years. Farmers tend to get big handouts even bigger than these little subsidies bottom line as we head into next week. Remember every night. China puts out new corona virus numbers. They may be fiction. They may be fact. Probably something in between but the Rossi doesn't matter until the outbreak burns itself out the corona statistics and not earnings will continue to control the day to day action. I need to go to Bob in Michigan Bob. Jim Thanks for taking my call. I'm a longtime investor but only a recent convert to Jimmy Kill. But I'm wondering about Merck. It's been such a good performer for two three years now but they recently announced a spin off of some of their products or new company their stock prices off the coast of ten dollars from their fifty. Two Week is but fails forty five percent. So I'm unsure. What's next is this a buying opportunity or I have said Bob that it was not a buying opportunity and I'M GONNA change my mind right here when.

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