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Is there like vanished. You run the risk of being like oh should probably bring them back. And that's actually not what i'm looking for no to stick with it. They have to stick with it to make sure they're actually gone in. This really is about like picking up the mantle and you can do that. In the ultimate universe right. People can stay dead in the ultimate universe. We haven't come across it yet but that's going to happen most. Yeah right yeah. It's great yeah. I'm almost into the i think the other thing. I think you have to change up the idea. You know so like i think it can't just be roster changes because the vendors have roster changes in six six like just throwing doctor druid on the team doesn't make it super compelling So i don't know exactly what shape that takes but instead of just being like. Hey it's kamala on miles and In like you said iron. Fist and luke on the on the new ultimate to. That's not quite it. I guess to me and like they definitely should not be run by nick fury in the government that is the post nine eleven Version of the team that kind of needed to be. It certainly makes sense that it was. It's not that version now. I mean if you do mean. I i guess i know that marveled as the some degree but like superheroes are just outlaws period. I get some something like that. That is totally status quo. Different overall right the way that like the ultimate universe really focuses on Like mutants in genetic mutations right. That's like such a tight focus is like creating new super super soldiers in the ultimate universe. And that's like a real fixation of that like pick stuff like that where it's just like you know this is. This is the specific flavor of superhero. That is not just like a smorgasbord. Like six one six six one six is a little of everything you get your street level here and you could cause makir. Maybe make it all magic. Everyone's magic like literally like spiderman is magic and iran has magic like do something like that man is magic. I'm into i like that idea. Now i'm gonna i'm gonna. That's my idea. I'm just going to say we're going gonna mail later. Magic ironman is magic. they can make it trans. That's awesome all right These are great questions. I didn't thanks to everybody who submitted some executive anything else Question was no. We've been going for a while. So i think we should should wrap wrap things up. I mean i kind of im- afraid of what happens when we hang up and the real world for a quiet room all the sudden but thanks everybody for joining the addition. Thanks those.

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