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The New York State Thruway and the palisades parkway as well and once again we are moving on the Merritt parkway fine in both directions a crash in Norwalk has been cleared and here's meteorologist build dager him the W. CBS weather center the Waco some dense fog this afternoon looks mostly cloudy will be a dry wall with a high of forty five tonight some ray back in the forecast sprinkler shower this evening a few rain showers overnight tonight snow flakes could mix it as well thirty six Tamara breaks of sun high forty six could be a late day shower north and west the sunshine returns on Monday and much milder to start the work week hi fifty eight forty one degrees it's cloudy and hazy in lower Manhattan forty degrees in Garden City thirty nine in Bridgewater W. CBS news time ten thirty more than just the headlines this is WCBS newsradio eight eighty the final vote in president trump's impeachment trial is set for Wednesday a new on it finds New Jersey transit commuters have suffered through thousands of delays in the past two years more than a dozen arrests were made during last night's anti police protests in mid town American Sophia cannon wins the Australian Open for her first grand slam title the next the next the Rangers and the islanders are in action today it's overcast forty one degrees on Saturday February first good morning I'm Tania Hanson WCBS news time eight thirty one president trump is getting closer to acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial but he'll have to wait until after Tuesday's state of the union address the final vote in the impeachment trial is set for Wednesday afternoon Republicans rejected new witnesses and a fifty one to forty nine vote yesterday Republicans Mitt Romney and Susan Collins were the only ones to vote with Democrats New Jersey transit riders know this all too well the trains are on reliable a state audit found there were eighteen thousand delayed trains between two thousand seventeen and two thousand nineteen the tri state transportation campaign blames lack of engineers and old trains anti police protesters flooded subways Grand Central Penn station on the streets of midtown disrupting the Friday night commute the demonstrators demanded no police on subways and no fares police made sixteen arrests and issued nineteen summonses WCBS news time ten thirty two following is paid for by the online trading academy today's show is provided for entertainment and general information purposes opinions expressed are those of the presenter only we make no promises or guarantees of investment performance.

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