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WGN sports. Here's Joe brand more injuries for the White Sox, but they did take down the first place team in the AL central with a sixty four win last night. Ross Detweiler called up from triple A and earned his first win since two thousand sixteen five innings of two run baseball for the newest White Sox hurler prior to the game. The White Sox placed him Anderson on the injured list. They also announced that Ryan Burs season is over after undergoing Tommy, John surgery yonder Alonzo DFA, allowing Daniel, polka to come from triple as well. Game two of the series today from the south side, Michael Pineda against Yvonne Nova at three twelve will start the pregame show at two thirty five right here on seven twenty WGN cubs are dealing with another injury as well before you get off the socks thing Lindsey wants to try one more time about talking about the pitcher's name the cheerleader. How's it going to say she, she coming time to know like, not even with a super confidence as blew up in your face? My buddy. Buddy. Turn my mic. Who's your favorite player on the bulls, though? Liz. Just rude. Joe's got my back. Smith way your Levine's g lido's as. Say that. Now over the cubs. This guy's an easy guidance to say his name Cole hamels, but he did exit the game after just one inning of work yesterday. Cubs fell the Cincinnati six to three. Jose can Tana hopes to bounce back today at great American ballpark. He'll tell the rubber against Louis castio at three ten and Nate Lashley leads the rocket mortgage classic at fourteen under par. I'm Joe brand WGN sports. Thanks Joe WGN traffic..

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