A new story from CMT Cody Alan


The number looking thirty by the fire the new to me ruby ridge but not all sweet we were in the dark in the middle of a rock G. blue jeans junior make inspiration in my life this you're on the highway brother you keep these wheels roll hello is and I know a thing or two about off its C. M. T. we you yeah channel mail you a man bring them she you she got how do you have a right here national number one for new coaches ninety eight now she's that we and if your name next up more yes Walker case a lot of walk ins of these rumors are not true people to spell rumors and tells the truth coming up Walker my guess this okay this is a church seven J. C. big ninety eight the song the full cast calling for some more good the NC sighing bang bang all over the world in the mall in the tank so you've got a broken broke his own you back in the truck it's Cody Alan ready for the holidays.

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