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Text planned out US texting and rolls were occurring. One of the techs, marketing messages, message and data rates may apply. Apply stopped. Opt out on a 1.5 news time. 304 in Jersey one a 1.5 fast traffic time. I've got a new problem in Morristown on 24 on the westbound side coming into Columbia Turbine. That's a crash being cleared. Also 22 still in trouble. Western Scotch Plains near Westfield Road, a car hit a tree in that spot. They got just the left lane. Getting through. One anon is jammed up in Newark going north of Wilson Avenue. It's a crash in the right lane. A route 80. There's still a flipped over trunk Hank sit over the fuel's bill eastbound over bags at 68 Parkway. Traffic crowding up going south and 1, 38 and cattle worth with a crash and across the Hudson River to problems on the George Washington Bridge, lower level the ongoing repairs in the right lane announces a crash around mid span two that's knocking out a couple of lanes. Tom Rivers, newjersey Traffic North, Jill Myron Newjersey Traffic south. They clear that accident Hamilton 1 95. He's found it. 2 95. You're cooking again. Now The roads are slippery there wet. It's foggy. It's nasty. The Betsy the Benny the Barry, I'll have 35 mile per hour speed restrictions posted right now. Garden State Parkway South Bound exit 36 down to exit 30 around that summer's point, Ocean City area. We have roadwork and one lane has blocked. It's a little backed up. 42 North is a little sluggish at black Horse Pike where an accident was cleared up 55 North. Pulled a strong delay from Deptford through 2 42, New Jersey fans Traffic every 15 minutes. Next report at 3 18 on New Jersey one a 1.5 on Wall Street, The Dow Jones is down 776 points, New Jersey one a 1.5 news time 306 Waking up New Jersey weekday mornings at five. First news with Eric Scott..

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