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Good morning this approach side of the guys how are we thing i go did get thanks buddy some that maybe some bad so not so iverson's you know i took you advice anyone nights outs overtime the hotel the ready to she's it to do good so you remember thomas team autonomy and but he you know i'm and he made it changes but clowney in terms of from below one team bringing jobs in the uk which is going to greatness is good news not the former once in that's also come on the fat oh yeah that's not me you know number one of runs on this idea they said the pacific he's on the brown separately quincy so we should made that very clear but creating two hundred job in britain william production of its carbon fiber assesses almost or two northern england have done to begin given the fact to sheffield earlier this year the new also race with university local counsell tries was on fifty eight percent the tossed impose be him agent you take big exporter these guys ninety two percent of their output days overseas and just of him buying one well the price range one hundred twenty thousand pounds of the cheaper and before proper respect one up to two million pounds right i mean there's one among top opportunity wallace is fine unknown the tying warm massive come the good numbers a believing time wanna made up for the film she didn't warmup brothers also this team in an age be a tv tema clinching present trump is going pretty aggressive and told him out of see and then but i see every time he mentions and live you're numb because up safe but having desired effect bet good numbers from them mostly to to box office it's such as they how he puts a spin off and traffic be somewhere it's fun comes out what's that month so was in the process of being acquired by a team to eight eighty five million dollar the deal but important eleven hops unpromising quote be remy budget likes it is on track despite being oppose quite donald trump them up this week bit week as always political on sunday ahead of the big european elections three months when i remember from the final round of crunches presidents relations.

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