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I think there's a sort of almost broader philosophical issue here and I'm reminded of that episode of Seinfeld George Costanza driving and there were birds in the road and they're supposed to get out of the way right. We have a deal with the birds. When you're driving up. They fly out of the way. That's the deal. And they didn't and he ended up hitting a bunch of these birds and I kind of feel that is why we don't have a big brother traffic system. I mean with the smartphones. We have with the GPS technology. The I pass toll collection. It could be that if you get from one toll booth to the next or toll sensor. They don't really have as many booths anymore. But you know you could automatically get a ticket because you're not supposed to go from one hundred fifty ninth street one hundred sixty third street one in X. Amount of minutes and you know it could be that we could have these automated devices just issuing tickets left and right everywhere. But that's kind of not the deal we have in our society. There's IT's expected that most people will behave safely most of the time. If someone's doing something crazy or agree GIS like that. Spate of hundred mile an hour plus tickets. We heard that the state police was issuing think we talked about that a few months ago. Fine that you know. That's something that should be addressed. And that is worth investing the human capital of an actual state trooper police officer going out there to enforce that but I think that you know there's a reason we don't have a sort of totalitarian surveillance state that monitors everything every moment of driving compliance with the law. Just because as we were all saying I think that you know you have to allow just have a little more allowances for the ebb and flow of every day travel. And it's just not the society I think people want to live in but when we all have autonomous vehicles we won't have to worry about it. Let me move on We did mention corruption involved with red light cameras. And there's a broader look at ethics in state government right. Now Hannah. There's a commission that's been formed has a lot of People who have been around government a long time who are involved with this commission. They've met met again this week. Anything going on with that at this point as far as we know of we're GONNA see legislation or are they singling out any type of area that they want to try to improve on. Yeah we've seen I think it's been five meetings of this drank commission on ethics and lobbying reform. They FACE A MARCH THIRTY FIRST DEADLINE. To present a report to the governor on legislative leaders on suggested changes to state law to kind of root out corruption and tighten up other areas of ethics law This the latest meeting. This week was mercilessly of lot shorter than the other. Almost five our meetings we've seen. It was about like Ken to people. Hold the elective office. At the same time I think especially those of us who are not Super familiar with like some of the tiny southwest suburban towns lake when the FBI raided Cook County. Commissioner just Topolski's town in September. Everyone kind of learned that. Oh not only is he a two county. He's also the mayor of this tiny little town called summit similarly state Senator Steve Landeck. He's the mayor of Bridgeview and then we also have a Newish State Rep. That was sworn in last summer. A Republican from Rosemont Red Stevens. Who has been mayor of? Rosemont for about the last decade or so his father had been be original mayor of Rosemont Donald Stevens donal Stevens Convention Center Rosemont For fifty years and so they're basically the commission her like is it is inherently wrong inherently bad and seems like the Constitution and most of Illinois Statute has a pretty lousy fair approach. You know as long as those two offices don't conflict than it's fine but of course it's what does conflict mean are their contracts to be had. Are there any number of things can come up in so no one's really watching this thing? I? There was a question to a representative from the attorney. General's office like. Are you guys being proactive. And the answer was will hay with eight thousand units of Local Government Illinois by far the most of any state in the nation. We can't really be watching all the time you know there's just it's impossible and so this was the latest hearing. There's been one touching on other areas of government ethics laws and I guess we'll just see there's another month until that report is due and then guests legislation will have to come out of it. Let me move on as well because there's some other legislation that we've been following this week and I call it sex education at the start of the show Brian but They've been giving it some different names and there are a couple of at least. I want to call him. Competing bills out there but There's some different legislation that would Try to accomplish some similar things. Yeah and they they refer to it as health education but I think that you know the the emphasis on what I think those of us who grew up a decade or so plus ago would call sex education and what is different about. What at least one of the big proposals. That got a lot of attention this week. Because of a a news conference in the capital It's called the reach act and won't get into the acronym but basically it would mandate comprehensive age appropriate sex or health education in public schools for Grades K through twelve. And a couple of things are interesting about that one. If the idea is making it mandatory currently there's language in statute that says schools may have this this would change it to schools shall have it and the idea of making it. An all grades is something different and and again the they do. Emphasize there's age appropriateness so for kids in kindergarten. Through grade to it would be looking at things like personal safety. Identifying trusted adults that children's can go to and and and respecting each other. It as you get a little bit older grades three through five. There's more talk about healthy relationships and bullying and harassment even getting into puberty body image sexual orientation gender identity gender expression things like that and then in the as children really grow into young adults grades six through twelve. There's more talk about things like consent and harassment abuse violence as well as contraception and medication and sexually transmitted infections and how to prevent them so would be comprehensive. There is another version of this legislation out there that would be all ages but would not have that mandatory component to it and I should add that parents at least under the first one would still have the right to opt their children out of this education if they did not want them to participate. Charlie anytime you use the word mandatory even if he does have that opt out provisions it's always going to be controversial yeah and I think That was one of the arguments raised by representatives of school districts. Who said we don't disagree with the idea? We think this is very good and children should be educated in these areas in an appropriate way from the time they start school. But WHO's GonNa pay for is another unfunded mandate in the school district's have Lord? I don't know they. They have probably hundreds of them out there. They have to teach this. Teach that do this do that. And the state lays on them and then the state says you. But we'RE NOT GONNA pay for you figure out how to pay for you. GotTa do it. But we're not could help you financially on it and Brian I would imagine. A lot of schools do similar types of Curriculum right now but it may not be laid out the way that this bill Requires it and it again? It does not have that requirement that all the schools offer something. Yeah in some schools may but but there we certainly heard about some that. Don't and I think that one of the voices we used at the top of the show was a high school senior. Name's trae Graham who identified as Queer in the news conference this week and said that they did not get any of this sort of education about their sexual identity and healthy relationships and that sort of thing so there may be schools that are doing parts of this but the aim here is to make it standardized and comprehensive across the state but school districts would be able to tailor their own curriculum correct. Yeah I don't have the language of bill in front of me. I think there would be some of that but there is a lot. There are a number of things that are sort of like this shelby. You know it will include in touch on these various things so I think the idea is that you know if if for example hypothetically if there's a more you know conservative area the state were these issues are not discussed as much in public discourse. I think that you know the aim is to make sure that education and Instruction is getting even into those places where people in the community might raise eyebrows about it. We've been watching the presidential race. Hearing a lot about prescription drug prices. There is a renewed effort at the Capitol to try to tackle these prices. Well of medications and Hannah. Some lawmakers believe they may have held a news conference on that this week right state rep from Chicago and our local state senator from Springfield and Manar Springfield should say They teamed up last year to do a bill. That basically kept insulin crisis and they're teaming up again to try to create a state a new state board that would basically say to drum companies. Hey this is the Max the upper limit that Illinois will pay for you know x drug and go through a list of drugs that people depend on and they say it's not like mandatory that the drug companies would charge less than that. But you know there's a certain element of the power of shame saying okay we are. We're saying that Illinois are not going to pay more than this. This this drug company does indeed charge Illinois ins that much then that's public pressure and then also part of their bill would be creating some sort of commission that would study the issue like we've see all the time we're going to have a blue ribbon panel to study the issue but You know this is really a big deal. I've heard about a couple of other bills. Coming down the pipeline. That would try to reign. In the cost of prescription. Drugs will already tried to do similar things last year. But we were already doing a whole lot in springfield But this is a perennial issue it especially as the debate over healthcare in general redesigned in the president at the Democratic presidential race. You know this is just a hot topic because it really really does affect people's lives and really only about a minute here left Hannah. I remember in the past there were discussions about drug buying clubs where maybe the state would negotiate drug prices. All of that type of thing. We're not they're not talking about getting into things like that at this point. I've heard of an importation. Bill that would basically legalize formalize away that the state could buy drugs from other countries like Canada. But there are safety concerns with Even some of the groups that you would think the onboard with that bill are really not because I got safety concerns. Let's go to our notes from the Field Shirley. Let's start with you. The Attorney Registration Disciplinary Commission is moving to Disbar Rod Blagojevich. Now you might think we'll have. Didn't he loses law license when he was convicted No because the way it works is his law. License was suspended until all his appeals. Run out and his appeals ran out and the commission which oversees the disciplinary actions involving the legal profession is now moving to disbar him and it's likely that occur. Although it takes several months they have. They had a hearing this week. In after the hearing it takes several months to go to make the decision but not to worry because Blagojevich is now offering videotaped messages for sales through a website. And if you want to pay fifty bucks seventy five bucks one hundred bucks. You could get Blades Lucia. Happy Birthday to one of your best friends or maybe one of your worst enemies. If you're looking for gift idea and Hannah it's kind of a legacy thing now. But of course. A political organizations especially.

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