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Golf club out in the jungles of west Palm Beach very nice my friend is a great it's a great club it's a great it's a great course and yeah you know that's that's it and that's that seventy eight feature are you ready for this yeah a double eagle on a par five I hold out with a with a hybrid for from a hybrid three from two hundred and seventy yards on the par five second shot well I've never had one of those but yesterday governor Cuomo closed all the golf courses here I saw that yeah hi so they closed closed wing for closed all the brick ever ever closer everything yep we know down here in South Florida all the counties of the we we're in Palm Beach county and in Broward Miami Dade or the south now shut down everything but not in Martin County which is to the north of us which is our homes now in Jupiter island which is where tiger lives and where Greg Norman lives you can still play yeah there are people who drive up there and play the restrictions are no cavities you can't touch the flag specs gonna carry on club no cards I am I am prohibited from being in the sun because I can't do treatment on the last I dress up like Lawrence of Arabia and put on to tons of sunscreen which I know you will do exactly right not only that I'm not going to carry my own bag sure yeah down here was one person per card and if you want to play well I play we have twenty seven old nine old you had to walk so but it'll be back it'll be back they can't go on forever I'm glad you called we'll be back stick with us I met Rodriguez in the deep carpet cleaning traffic center we've got a couple friends with us today both snarling traffic northbound on two seventy one twenty one in Clarksburg in the heights town truck scales they got the left lane of two blocked off again and they're proceeding again nor found on two ninety five northeast Washington got the paving operation taking it down to one right lane between defending Roglic district lines on the northbound side napping Raj door repair dot com the W. M. A. L. ABC seven storm watch forecast it'll be windy with a mix of sun and clouds today and a high of fifty three clear skies tonight low in the thirty.

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