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To see the physical transformation you always want. I wouldn't take a step further like because you mentioned like putting in the work and like like you're coming into the course. Let's say you're coming to the ten key kademi and like you have to put forth out the effort the hustle but he's not Results of you posting five days a week or going live. It's what's going to help you. Grow is the impact that you're making on world like if your post your live. Your stories aren't making impact like that's not then you're sending the wrong message. Naqvi a reason why you're not being successful. I think a lot of people come into the program and they're like okay. I'm posting five days a week. I'm going live to a couple of times a week. I'm posting on my stories. well have you made impact. Are you changed this podcast. It's called change. Lives make money like cool. You're showing up your posting content but is that have value to change. Someone's life is it resonating and making them think about their struggles. Is it giving them what they need to trust you. So they're more likely going to sign up. Great sign up for your program. Are you just posting. One liners or one pair gas really a look at my sick pumper. You'll look glucose nobody cares because you already have that. How did you get there. What struggles did you have to overcome to get there. Not what your reader wants to know. And that's the same reason. Why are the ten academy and like a lot of times when kayla myself. Brian kalma posting. There you guys show us a lotta love in a lot of compassionate care because of the impact the goal to make every day for you we go above the on because we want you to know how much we care so. That's the same ideology. You need to bring into your content and guess what it may take three weeks. It may take six weeks. It may take twelve weeks but just like your clients..

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