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This isn't the first instance that the olympics have come up against with accessibility. And i'm thinking about correct me. If i'm wrong but i'm pretty sure some athletes were also mothers are being told that they can't bring their children to breastfeed right. Yeah that's i'm sorry. I i get that. There are restrictions. I get it but to what extent in the cove restrictions are one thing but if the restrictions are are specifically making that it's harder for some people for example. You know a person who needs a personal care assistant or a person who has a child but they are breastfeeding then that policy is discriminatory you know and with all of the logistics and i mean there are thousands and thousands of people descending upon tokyo for the games. I don't see how you can draw the line at a fucking personal care assistant for an athlete. You want to get rid of the opening ceremony. I don't need the dancers. Let the athletes compete and give them what they need to show up and compete all right so moving onto something different but still very much olympics related you know that unbridled free for all sexual debauchery that comes only once every two years. Well it's finally here. We're speaking of course about the olympic village. It's where olympic athletes go to unwind after taking on the entire world but amid cova concerns could organizer speech trying to dampen the mood this year. That's what social media originally thought when it suspected that the tokyo olympics were actually supplying those cardboard beds to discourage intimacy among athletes reese mcclenaghan. A gymnast was quick. to debunk. This on twitter in today's episode of fake news begins the baz are meant to be anti sex mid cardboard. Yes but apparently they're meant to freak and any sudden movements. It's big fake news however carport would hardly be enough to get in the way of a generations. Long tradition of partying. Here talked to us. More about how the olympic village became known for. Its sexy escapades. That's the title. Latest piece by the way is your mind sarah gross mark..

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