Words On Bathroom Walls Blu-ray Review


So it is saturday november. Twenty eight th. This is after the show. Six hundred sixty one or navy review podcast and The media will not. This week is woods on bathroom walls. So twenty twenty movie such on blu ray now you can pick it up. Pg thirteen friends at lionsgate centers. The blu ray for review so settle you give the you give us the synopsis and i will give you the one of the box and see if it is the same thing first of all. There's not a lot of words on bathroom. Walls can put that out there right off the bat It's a story about Coping with mental illness. And i'll give you the one off the box. Here we go you read Is ready. Autumn is a weighty introspective eighteen pursuing his dream of becoming a chef when autumn is diagnosed with a mental illness. He lives in fear of being exposed until he meets. Maya and outspoken and famously intelligent go inspires him to open his hot not be defined by his condition with it's inspiring journey of love acceptance and hope words on bathroom. Walls is a triumphant story of overcoming. Life's challenges and embracing who you are. Yeah extra sappy woody at the wording mo- vote and it isn't i mean it's not accurate spoiler alert. It's not about her telling him that to be. who is. it's more about him figuring that out from self all right. So that's a synopsis. Let's get onto the movie sitter words on bathroom wall. I really liked it. Well you know. Sometimes you just like i mean i appreciate the effort. Yes some people are gonna probably watch this. And maybe even in some of your one-star reviews and say oh you know mental health. Can we just dogging about it. All that kind of stuff but i actually find it really uplifting that instead of like everybody seems to think it's ok to do a movie about serial killers right multiple movies about people who murder people and all that shit but then to actually examine someone like this teenager who has a mental illness that could potentially and probably has in human history right lead a person to commit horrible crimes because it's a terrible mental illness right to address that i find i really appreciate that. I don't know anyone with schizophrenia. Do you have you ever know that. I'm aware of anyway. I find it really. I like the idea of addressing it on a like. I actually liked the way they handled it. It's not like overly grim doc. An all the time there is like hope and i. It doesn't go away. I was sometimes these. Things are a bit like sanitized. Yeah happy ending and all that. Yeah but this actually deals with the drugs. He's been given and what they can do to you and you know it feels. It feels realistic in a way but then is obviously i will say this. I've never known schizophrenia. But have lived with a man before. I ever met you darling. Who was manic depressive. And so taking his medication or not taking the medication you never knew. I never knew if i came from work. And there'd be trash bags on the windows and him in little darkness and you just knew to stay away or everything's open and he's making music. He was like a musician. He's not dead or anything. And everything was fine. And it was like super mannequin like super productive. Or you're going to be in the bottom of a ditch emotional you know so addressing that and it all did depend on the different medicines and the balance and all that kind of stuff. So that's why i really appreciate their addressing it in a way that wasn't like oh happy endings. This person's just basically a danger to society and we have to lock them away. Because that's kind of how we've always yet because everything's

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