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I'm so curious since your kids are a little older than ours are and they aren't, , as you said, , becoming more adult like independent in thinking and have their very strong other own opinions about things. . How did you help them? ? Like navigate what I'm sure was a <unk> like in the world of teenager not being able to go to school or not being see your friends or go to prom really whatever it is. . That's a crushing blow in in a lot of these. . How do you help them feel? ? Not <unk> and and help them cope in at any ideas for slightly older children who don't just trust everything that comes out of their parents. . Mouth is Gospel Yeah. . Well they didn't always year. . Okay. . It wasn't. . Okay. . Tying to leave on my daughter, , my middle was in fifth grade. . She had her bury favourite teachers in the whole school a who she had third grade had moved up to fifth and she in that class with her best friend being challenged being excited, she , lift for it and it was a big deal for her. . She's very social that was is just she just had a really hard time and so now you know at the beginning, , it was like, , what can we do know when it first started I, , kind of started us in with a weakened do hard things dinner conversation and with a notebook open. . I always. . With a notebook open in Lake let's talk about what we're going to need to do to be successful, , and we're going to need to just be really kind with each other give each other space we're going to need to really find ways because they're big enough to. . You know we know that the way to feel better is reaching out. . So who in our church? ? Who in our lives could we be giving to in order to feel we know that we need to be safe? ? We're GONNA clean on Saturday. . We just made a plan and we didn't always follow it but it gave us something to go back to you and then it really just sucked sometimes of course for everyone. . On a couple of kids were really fine with zoom. . They were just really happy that we were all cozy together. . I have one who's feeling a little more paranoid about Cova. . So it was. . Great that we were. . So close down in one who is desperate to get out. . So it's just it's different for everyone and now it's like, , okay going into the new school year. . What are we gonNA, do , how we can make this work because my middle daughter started saying me mom might bring repelling anything the teachers tried to tell me over zoom I'm not hearing it anymore and God bless her teacher who showed up in our driveway to talk through because she was A. . <unk> student this amazing brain brilliant soon, , and she sailed everything. . We had to we had to really you know drill down together how we can make this work for her. . It's just not all that you can't make it all. . Okay. . You know isn't that its own lesson to I feel like a lot of so alarming Evan parents for roughly seven years call it, , and that was like a a novel moment where you realize that. . If you've been a highly achieving person are you a like type? ? Any personality? ? You thought that reading a book or like they were set rule that you could follow him and you get the you know that was a very comfortable place to live in parenting is a daily affirmation that not getting every question right or not getting every answer right or not always having the solution is sort of par for the course. But . obviously, , this throws everything even into more of a tailspin. . I'm curious because I do think that that's. . Something that is being highlighted for any parent who has. . Multiple kids you see how differently they're all taking your adding in. . An and trying to remember that you have to be a different parent. . Each of your children is a really crazy you know. . Ends I'm. . Back that was, , it's not a question. It's . more just like a yes I. . Agree. . I also, , you know every day with parenting a fresh start to get it right or a fresh start to try something new is an experiment. . It's a lifelong experiment in the way and yes, , you can follow the books and I do I was definitely someone who when I was little I was very much prepared path for my child i. . was like you know Oh, , she's not being so every would be quiet you know what I mean Yes, , it's not until I had my third that I learned to prepare my child's path instead of preparing the Padma, my , child, , and that is something that I I heard once in it's one of those little parenti things that has really stuck with me. . Of course, , it's going to be hard. . Of course you know I feel the same way about resilience that I do about gratitude you can't tell your child be resilient. . That's so condescending be resilient. . You'll be resilient. . Why are your time? ? You know it's Time you that. . You. . Point out to them. . You know what's happening right now is that you are rising to a really tough occasion and I am seeing something in you. . That is I. . Hope you're really feeling product because this is not easy and you're doing it.

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