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Uh joe ramsey in california fire crews are gaining ground in controlling massive blazes fire officials are cautiously optimistic as they make more progress on the larger fires a new group of residents were able to go home and cinema county last night meanwhile sheriff's deputies are still searching for hundreds of missing people there's natasha trump more than three hundred people were killed in somalia the government blaming saturday's truck bombing in mogadishu on the all qaedalinked alshabab islamic extremist group the uslead coalition battling the islamic state group says it believes the exchange of fire between iraqi and kurdish forces in and around kirkuk was a misunderstood sandy both forces are attempting to drive out isis a republican lawmaker urges president donald trump to reinstate insurer payments under the enforceable care act republican senator susan collins now calling on president trump to reinstate the costsharing payments that helped millions on obama care of forward care this is learned a bailout the insurers this is to help low income people of four their deductibles than their co pays collins on cnn's state of the union president trump said after he ended the costsharing payments that they were just a democratic bail out of insurance companies bob costantini washington free agent quarterback colin kaepernick says nfl owners are colluding to keep him from getting a job capper nick has filed a grievance is legal team said he shouldn't be punished for his national anthem protests and that he wants to get back on the playing field i'm john trout this is.

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