New York City Pushes Covid-19 Testing as Holiday Travelers Return


In New York City are scrambling to head off a new surge of coronavirus case is expected in the wake of the Thanksgiving holiday. One major worry is transmission within households more from NPR's Brian Mann. New cases in the city are already averaging roughly 1600 a day and Mayor Bill de Blasio says it's vital people quarantine until they can get tested if they traveled for Thanksgiving or spent time with family outside their homes. He's also urging people who test positive toe work with the city's contact tracing program that's gonna help keep you safe. Your family say if your friends safe Everyone who came in contact with safe and making sure that when people do test pauses that they know how to safely separate, that is the key. City officials say One in five new cases are happening because of in home transmission between family members. They're offering free hotel rooms to those who test positive so they can isolate until the risk of infection passes. Brian Mann. NPR News

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