One Of The Questions discussed on Pathways to Happiness with Nena Lavonne


To the subconscious so the choice becomes face this dark part of ourselves and it understanding and love and healing or continue to shove it down and hope and pray that it doesn't come out in a moment that really matters so one of the questions that was sent in was. Does everyone have a shadow or does everyone have a dark side. So have to answer that in terms of the actual theory. So if we're going with the actual theory the answer is yes. We all have a shadow. We all have dark side. We all suffer trauma in her life big and small and that leads to the creation of this shadow. We all do so. These unconscious aspects of her personality are often parts of ourselves that our ego intentionally hides from us so we don't have to see it or acknowledge it and young had a quote about this. Which is the shadow personifies everything that the subject refuses to acknowledge about himself. So it's like we try to show our best face to other people but we're also trying to show what we think is our best face to our own cells and a lot of the time it grows when we have the experience. That are too painful to consciously deal with or are unresolved. The shadow becomes kind of like a been where we just throw any part of ourselves that we can't handle any situations anything that is too painful anything. That is too embarrassing. So these parts of ourselves just kinda get buried without us healing them or even acknowledging them or acknowledging how bad they hurt us because it's also not just the experience. It's what we have decided that these experiences mean we can interpret them as meaning. We are disgraceful and or stupid or inferior and all these feelings are so painful and so traumatic but again we take these feelings and we just throw them in the bin and certainly they do not go away they just live somewhere in the shadow until we are strong enough to face them accept them and ultimately release them..

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