APG 445 When Cats Fly


You're listening to the pilot guy show view from all side of the Goldman door. She's the airline. Guy Airline. Pilot Guy Episode Four, hundred, forty, five. Lou You're listening to the airline pilots guy show the you from our side of the cockpit door with joos Captain Jet Broadcasting Live from studio one a at. Headquarters in Roswell Georgia. Today show is recorded on thirty September twenty one. Today. So a warning from regulators following an Air France uncontained engine failure two years ago. British pilots go after their Foreign Secretary for flying on U. Air? Law. More News your feedback at today's plane tail the wonderful life of Brian. All subtlety in Naples and seat backs in the upright and locked positions. Electronic devices powered on I'm Radio Roger. Advice or forty-five is ready for pushback. Thank you Radio Roger in award winning TV and radio reporter currently at the number one station in the nation ten, ten wins An. Airline pilot show it's an aviation podcast covering the latest in aviation news and answering your great feedback and joining me today to help with all that. Is from her lakeside studio in the Carolinas she's a doctor, a skydiver marathon runner strength training junkie, IPA Connoisseur, and commercial multi engine instrument rated backstabbing jeopardy bumper Dr Staff. That is perfect easily that exactly as it is something very much. So like it. New York. City, clip from that Salsa Commercial Pays New York City your city. Love. That Gresham me to. Guess. Right, and also joining us from across the pond. From studio in the English countryside, professional photographer reformer RAF are double fighter pilot

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