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OMG. I just had culpepper home services replaced my underground water service and I can see why they're so highly rated I. They came for a free second opinion. Then they gave a very competitive quote and offered financing they instilled so much confidence in their company that we chose them for our project from start to finish they outperformed everyone else we hired they're a true five. Star Company. Twenty five season. Four thousand five, hundred, sixty, one episodes. I believe the opened for show was one of the greatest classrooms in the world rolling their bottom line, the moments, the breakthroughs, the actions, the occasional ugly cry. So. Terribly every single minute. L. O. ELL's. The moments that matter. I O blue light lessons never allow them to take you somewhere else I'm bringing them back. It's time to open the ball. I personally chosen these classic episodes to share with you. Again, every single person you ever will meet shares that common desire they WanNa know do you see me? Do you hear me that's what I say mean anything to you. You're listening to the Oprah Winfrey show the podcast. What are the rich teach their children about money that the poor and middle class? Do Not Robert kiyosaki teaches people to be millionaires. He teaches people to be millionaires. That's how he earned the nickname, the millionaire schoolteacher, and he says that the rich have a very different way of thinking about money that anybody can learn his book rich dad poor. Dad May change the way you look at your money. I've been rich I've been poor and I like rich much better. I have found out the secret to success is not hard work or lock I found the new way of thinking that works for me. I must say much financial success to Amana Call, my Rich Dad, who was my childhood best friend's father. He made me realize that it was a very big difference between what the rich t-shirt kids about money that the poor don't teach your kids about money. My Real Dad biological father was the head of Education for the State of Hawaii mccollum my poor. Dad, simply because he was a high paint government official, he made a lot of money you that end there every month he was broke my rich dad on the other hand was my best friend's father and he ultimately became one of the wealthiest men, the state of Hawaii by the way, my rich dad was high school dropout, my poor dad believed in job. He said look for a company that had excellent pay good benefits such as medical vacation and other types of perks. My Rich. Dad. said that that entitlement mentality kept people financially weak and financially needy. My Poor Dad always said, find a safe secure job and working with the corporate ladder rich said his own the ladder. Well let's go through some more Roberts points about what he says the rich teach their children that the poor and middle class do not main difference you say the rich and poor lies in what we teach our children about. What's Mentality. It's a total way of thinking exactly yes, and it's really easy to change. If you wanted to change the way, you think, Francis My my poor dad was a very good man for Japanese. He was six foot four very smart academic genius. But he always said to me, you know go to school and get good grades get a job and work hard save money. and My Rich Dad said well, if you WANNA be rich, that's not the way you do it instead of working for money my rich Dad taught me how to have money work hard for me, and that's why I've only had a job for years of my entire life other than that if I'm building companies or I'm investing and that's all I'm doing. Well, the subject of money is taught at home not in school you say because most of us learn about money from our parents and it's only good if you have a rich dad mentality. My message to people his wife struggle for money when you don't have to. Really simple you have good advice. The problem is money is not taught in school. And so what we do is oftentimes fallen our parents footsteps we may do different jobs, but we oftentimes follow in the same financial patterns and Meriva used to say you know he says, you can't end poverty by giving somebody money giving a poor person money keeps them poor longer. Yeah. And that's what breaks my heart because I want to help people change the way they think about money. That's all it is. Yeah and I think one of the most important things that I noticed my rich dad poor dad was the vocabulary. My Poor Dad. PhD and Education Very Smart Man, but he the vocabulary of a schoolteacher. and My Rich Dad had the vocabulary of a rich man and some people I mean by vocabulary well, know what the word means. But what kind of a cat I sit around the dinner table and listen to both DADS and one would talk about Algebra geometry and trigon nothing ever made me any money and my rich dad would sit there and you talk about return on investment assets liabilities, discount cash successful. What you just said about your house is a liability. It's not an asset most people think it is their biggest investment. Yes, and that's the one of the biggest middle-class traps they say, my banker says, my house is an asset. My Rich Dad would say, if you can read a financial statement, you'll see you can read that your house is actually a liability. I'm not saying, don't buy a house. And I like big houses and I like the finer things of life just don't call a liability and asset and what's trapping the middle class is there by liability I think. What you're saying the book was this interesting too because I've always been a person who live beneath means. Now it's Kinda hard to it doesn't matter but I've always been a person who because I was reading about how the Chevy Chevette was the worse car one of the worst cars every may, and I had one of those little tin because that was the thing that I could pay cash for. Not have to pay interest and so forth. So I've always believed in living beneath the means and you could really afford to pay mainly because I hate bills just hate bills and you say one of the mistakes that middle class and poor people do is they try to look rich. So those are the first people to go by the furs, the diamonds, the big TV's and all the stuff. Correct. My Rich Dad called looking good and going nowhere. My Grandmother's you call it not a pot to piss in. The. Same thing. I'm glad you said. That somewhere. But anyway, it's the same principle. You have all the stuff I know I see people out and they got all the stuff and all the things. But then when they go home wet. Bills Bills and they worry and their health goes down and. It's not worth it. The thing that I think most people don't realize is that there's only two kinds of money problems. Basically one's not enough money and wants too much money and they're both problems you have to know how to handle too much money as. Right now otherwise if you. Watching it all the time Bad. Week. Yeah, a different problem. So, when you have no money, yet have a plan to eventually have plenty of money and then when you have plenty of money plans yes. That's why people win the lottery all of a sudden get all this plenty of money and go broke overwhelmed by right because they've never understood how money works. Darlington Terry Anderson say that Roberts. Rich. Dad. Poor Dad philosophies gave them a newfound financial freedom and change their like take a look at what happened to this family. Two years ago Darla and Perry Anderson thought they were living the American dream buying expensive cars building a half million dollar home but they were four hundred thousand dollars in debt. With things that I thought we needed to have were

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