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The eight sponsored by champion roofing here's beau Duran start off on the. Edens expressway on the inbound side got a report of a crash. At willow road that may slow you down a bit, in the area. No major delays on the travel time though just nineteen minutes from lake Cook into. The Kennedy junction. On the downside of the Edens it's nineteen minutes back out to lake cook road, as well the Kennedy inbound. Now at a twenty minute pace from O'Hare to downtown in just in. From the junction you're all clear on the outbound side as well. Twenty minutes back out. To the airport is now in slow Mannheim the first avenue thirty two minutes from route three ninety, two downtown it's nineteen on. The trip. In for Mannheim outbound to ninety s okay the Stevenson inbound slow from Cicero Dickensian past Ashland to the Dan Ryan it's thirty three minutes from three fifty. Five in twenty three from the. Tri-state to lakeshore, drive thirty minutes on the trip out the Dan. Ryan on the inbound side twenty one minutes. Ninety fifth into the burn interchange outbound on the Dan Ryan. Pretty delay-free fifteen minutes from downtown and ninety fifth you don't have the overnight construction from eighty seventh. Out to the split though the two left lanes strict until. Six on. Fifty-seven inbound no worries on the outbound, side got. A report of a crash working in one hundred, and, eleventh that's gonna cost you fifteen minutes to get from the split out to I eighty the Bishop. Ford inbound at. Seventeen minutes eighty ninety four to the Dan Ryan yourself. From cottage grove into the merge no abound delays report lakeshore drive both north and southbound looking okay on. The tollway system we're in great shape on. The tri-state Adams Reagan and Veterans Memorial tollways route fifty three north and southbound. No major delays we do have the ongoing roadwork on the southbound. Side from the, Jane Addams to Higgins and that roadwork now both. In the express and the local lanes I. Eighty is all clear eighty. Ninety four I sixty five in the Indiana toll road I'll looking good. As well and I'll Johnson down power lines at summit and liberty causing some delays in the area get traffic and weather together on the every ten minutes on News Radio seven hundred and. One point nine FM WBZ, AccuWeather the day started with, areas of, fog overall partly sunny today there. Can, be a shower thunderstorm south of the city. In the northwest Indiana this afternoon high eighty four dodgy, clouds tonight low sixty seven tomorrow. Sunshine mixing. With clouds and warm, high eighty six Sunday intervals of clouds and sunshine very warm there. Can be a shower thunderstorm later south of the city in northwest Indiana the high eighty seven then, mostly sunny Monday and Tuesday. High both days well up in the eighties to near ninety seventy to. Admit way seventy one to seventy two degrees at lake it's seventy. Two in manuka and..

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