Supreme Court, Warren Court discussed on Opening Arguments


Settle what legal claims are so so that's kind of the one point that this the second point that that i would make with respect to the political change argument and this and by the way you're giving voice to a position that people gave voice to in the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies right like when the supreme court it's most controversial decisions when the supreme court was the furthest left and as i would point out when the supreme court issued the opinions that gave right to the the the warren court that gave rise to all of the things that we think of as our key rights today right all of those pretty much came out of the warren court and and and there were lots of people in society that made the argument of hey look we've got a court ordering school districts to boss black kids into white schools and this may be a great idea but this should be something that is handled by the legislature this shouldn't be something that is being handled by the supreme court if we want to have that fight let's have that fight we're fighting over civil rights right now but let's not have the court to it and and my response back to that is i think that is profoundly deeply unamerican in in terms of our history and in terms of the way our founders envisioned that judiciary would work and so if i can you know kind of drill down on that a little bit.

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