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Hard to get excited over you know what we have to vote for understand that ballot question on ranking yeah yeah what first second and third I think it's it should be like that you know so it's can you explain it like like I guess of the there's a tire or something I don't know yeah my friends told me she was bluffing Ole Alice the women it all the time that's right that's right thanks a little scary right it's a little scary what I can explain Alice I can explain it to you display though right I thank you no Jeez Michael you explain it when you vote when it when is several people running for one spot and instead of just voting for one one if that winner doesn't get the majority that has to be a run off so if you allow people to vote one two three four five then you just don't need to run off for you know yeah you you vote by order in and then whoever gets the most second place votes were guess the all star in it you just combine it all and find your winner you save a lot of money you don't the have a run off election you know it's rank all what's rancor all the candidates that are gonna win today that's what's rank houses anybody voting was anybody these polls I did find people that were voting and I first got there were I did I did cobble together the few that I found that worry that actually had voted or were planning to vote later in the day but you know generally speaking the polling places are really very quiet quiet places this morning maybe I'll pick up afterwards you know at lunch time yeah yeah we have to work on Michael's gonna go so they'll be about yeah when Michael shows up in order to get out yeah that that'll be the big bags Alice to fight my way to get let's put this guy's audio on your resume you know what you're voting for well I have no idea very much yet loading loading all right thanks Alice when we get back nothing to see here of except the news which Barlett I started duties jobs I started just go right past Mister cellophane right part one by the monitor doing us a song from Chicago yeah this is cellophane Bartlett over there Joe how do the news good morning Joe sure applause you being criticized for appointing yet another white guy to lead the NYPD critics say with the resignation of police commissioner James o'neill this was a chance to improve diversity at the top of the department instead of laws you chose chief of detectives Dermot Shea folks who have worked with German che will tell you he's the real deal he will tell you the truth he will always tell you what he's thinking he will always demand more critics say the Blosser should have chosen the first deputy commissioner Ben Tucker president trump says he impeachment investigation is a war on democracy during a rally in Kentucky he says the Democrats have gone crazy the American people are fed up.

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