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But i've said all along. I thought he was staying. But you know given the dialogue back and forth or the you know the lack thereof dialogue. I don't know. I'll still still side with roger staying in green bank. But i'm not looking at the primetime schedule and going. Oh that's why. He's guaranteed that he's going to stay. I think they're they're saying look. We can get out of this if we have to with a couple of these games. The big ticket item though the biggest game regular season game in patriots. History is going to be with tom. Brady coming to town. Prices are crazy. You've got tom. Brady's dad calling the hotline of a boston radio station. Play you some of that like he's trash talking. Tom doesn't dad is yeah paul. Shackles are off remember when he left the team. He was on the stern show. Now dad's calling radio stations loose. The great writer dan. Shaughnessy will join us coming up next. We'll check in. With the great writer write thompson. Who talks about bob baffert and the preakness and then a little bit later on. Peter schrager on loan from the nfl network. Good morning football so we got a busy show. You can be part of it in a variety of ways. We'll take a break. It's twenty after the hour. This is the dan patrick show. Discover match all the cash. Back you earn on your credit card at the end of your first year automatically so when my daughters use it then they always say yeah. But you're going to get the money back dad so like they have me there. You can't trust them they're sneaky. They're dangerous with a credit card..

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