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Um Detroit Free Press had a story asking Detroit residents How they would like the city to spend the $426 million in federal funds. Made available through the American Rescue Plan Act. After all, this is for local governments to use to Recover from the Covid 19 pandemic. Recover from the Covid 19 pandemic. Detroit received the fifth largest amount amongst cities across the nation. So many things to unpack here, and we're going to try to do that and ask you. What are some of the things Detroit should should move on and look. Detroit needs a lot of help in a lot of different ways. The city has come a long way. It's got a long way to go. Um The American rescue plan recover from the covid 19 pandemic. Most of the things that I hear this money Um And the desire to put it to use to Don't really have anything to do with Covid 19. But should that surprise anybody? I'm not surprised at all by that in the least bit, um, one of the things that in case you are just joining us. Normally I love to talk to you guys at 808 590 wjr. But with all the rains and some of that affecting our facilities at the Fisher Building, we are unable To have a chat today via the phone. You can Texas same number 808 590 wjr and listen. Sometimes we argue, Sometimes we raise our voices against one another, but one of the great things about working at this station, and I hope to live up to that expectations. I hope we can Do it with respect, Okay, We're going to disagree on things, period End of story, and I've disagreed with not only some of the people I work with, but many of you but That's the best part about working about this station. Dave Rigger. I know you had a couple of text in and certainly want to hear from the people tonight. Here at 808 590 wjr. The one text said that the 426 million the Detroit is getting should go back to the state of Michigan taxpayers to pay for the bankruptcies of recent past. I'm not going to argue with that. But the other test is affecting. Certainly that is that has something to do with Covid 19, actually, but I mean all jokes aside. I'm not trying to be funny to the surprise of nobody. It's not going to be used.

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