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Friends walked out so twenty five you know it's now four hundred forty K. is kind of an sort out forty k. war hammer tradition or hammer fantasy yeah fantasy swords think like like your example at the princess bride yeah okay the moment were Wesley looks into butter cups is and says death cannot stop true love I think we hear the thesis store if the the theme the thesis statement of the Princess Bride right there and it's reiterated almost with every character I mean even the Lynne's reiterate it Yup and and try to stop it that that's what they're stopping yeah and I mean but to put a point correctly Knox puts us out there the story of revenge redemption depends on the feelings of the players having to resolve it that way right doesn't mess up the Kier theme I'm going to say it doesn't but it does is remind you that they are active components in telling your story they could turn a story of redemption into a story of revenge yeah because the story of redemption in has ended that's true so remember that you have a theme that you start your story with where the story begins is maybe you in a state of betrayal your players are hired by a by a would be you know a barkeep to go clean out a dungeon were his daughter was captured and they were blackmailing him and you get there and you find out that the the dungeon his ass or this crypt is actually full of Goblins who've been forced out of their caves and the young girl was actually trying to help them she's a healer her and she's basically burnt herself out there and he was sending you there to basically kill them in her and now you're dealing with that betrayal and he's turned the whole town against you because he's now made it out you guys are the bandits who've taken her to get rid of you because of a greater story and these are the kinds of things were to go now you have this betrayal started in the story the question is where do you go from there are you are you then going to goo go through and continue pushing that betrayal line with them that everyone is portrayed to them or you going to let the players help direct that and that's where you can take the story from its rails and start handing it to the players and letting them give you peace so now the other thing too that that I will throw out there is that female is not a it's not a hard set of rules on how your story has to unfold Corral Caso your players yeah they are very much active participants in I see you could be going with a redemption theme they could turn it in they could take vengeful actions okay but what I would say is fem- should inform how your story unfolds from there okay so sure your players may take a vengeful action against someone who you and handed them to redeem but see in in in a in a revenge based story than you would reward them for that action and say hey good job you got revenge okay because revenge is the theme revenge is kind of what we're going for and when you do the thing you know in a revenge story hey that Kinda makes you the hero of the revenge story but let's go back though we were we were telling a story about redemption right okay and you just took a vengeful action so maybe now is the storyteller because I am trying to stick to that theme of Redemption now maybe I turn that a little bit on edge maybe I punish the the the the players a little bit give them awesome as you punish but give them consequences correct maybe there are some negative consequences for seeking revenge maybe the the the the opinion of the you know the the public opinion or at least private opinion of those attached to the people that got veterans against isn't all that high mealy people aren't happy to see the players take wrath against this person and you know I really think you could have done better by him I'm not sure they deserve this or at least show pity for him and say I'm sorry it came to this right he was a good man right you know and what that does is that reinforces with your players than that the theme the idea the story isn't about getting revenge right and at that point then you you you kind of reinforce that whole like redemption was an option but you didn't except exact let's move on and and you're right like we were just saying it influences how you want the story to continue and it and it can give a lot to the setting around them if people if there is a sense of sacrifice in every step that there's there's constantly that feeling of people sacrificing for each other you your players sacrificing themselves that adds to that theme that you want to continue progressing to the story so I think it's I think it's important I think it's necessary I think there are stories I told without theme but I think they feel dry yeah so and then can change again your your campaign is not a never ending story of redemption there may be attorney at that point scratch that word out set up a new word Knox's asking here so fem- helped is influenced rewards and consequences you can't control how the players act but you can control how the world might feel about correct and I think that's that's very correct think of think of the theme of your story maybe like the current of the river. Yeah nobody's saying you can't go cross the current or even up the current but the current is going to try to pull you in a direction here's a here's a couple of examples jotted down of of themes so see your teams that no person is truly beyond redemption. Okay that's your that's your theme that's your Thesis Statement Your Villain may be a good person who was driven to do bad things news give an example okay so warcraft three video games sure okay before it ever became world warcraft right I really liked the Ark of Prince rbis Oh yeah okay all right these skorge has unleashed a magical curse upon the people it is laced into their grain so as they eat this food they become tainted by and they die of this plague but the curse of the plague is that they rises on dead after words right and so now suddenly you have Annette Ravaging Linda Lauren Duke and Prince Arthur's is a Pelican and he sees it as sacred duty of course to go and fight the undid the problem being the UN dead are his subjects right there his people and he becomes more and more desperate and as time goes by and it gets to the point where he sees that grain has already been essentially delivered to this town uh-huh and he knows what's going to happen he sees the outcome or the people are all still essentially alive they're living their lives they're living their lives they haven't died and turned yet he decides the whole town needs to be raised anyways and he makes this awful choice to essentially go in and slaughter his own people before they become before they before they become something right it's kind of the point in which his story which a lot of the other characters go okay well we ahead you're back up until now but this is a bridge too far buddy and I think you need to step back from the precipice as like no this needs to be done right and that's essentially where he he starts his downward turn and becomes the villain there may also be let's see here human he just tumbled down the rabbit hole of bad mistakes bright and it can't find his way back you know so to faces a good I think as an example of that to a degree it depending on how you look at comic verses movie I don't know enough about to face he was a for he was a law bringer as far as being on the decide until it didn't work anymore that way and he had to start dealing his judgment more directly because the the law wasn't on his side on the side of justice I'm I'm thinking more the the the the good man who says well I'm GonNa make an exception just this once okay I see you but now that he's made that a sub without exception now that he's compromised that little bit the next compromise becomes a little easier or maybe he has to make a compromise to cover for the compromise just made gotcha because he told a lie in exile another lie to cover that lie and you fast forward six months awesome this guy's neck deep in something Arandis INIS become the villain of story I like all right so you know these are the type of characters you would you would you may write in a story that is themed around Redemption the quest for the party maybe to thwart the villain initially but along the way you learn that you can help redeem him instead of killing him right and so it Kinda changes your your it opens your options there may also be characters and story with similar arc perhaps an important NPC he is someone who once found themselves labeled as a villain but found redemption and peace and this is a great way of introducing that kind of idea of the you know maybe he's not a bad guy maybe he just tumbled a little too far down rab home you need to go get him you know Zuko from Avatar is another great thing abused by his father driven to a task he didn't fully understand against a foe he didn't we understand why and by season three he's like a while hold on I'm the bad guy oh I didn't want to be the bad guy thought it was the hero right you know we up and then the story changed and then the story changed exactly so you know but but at the same time these sorts of stories are going to be very large the about hope about possibility you're gonNA want your storytelling to be uplifting GonNa want your characters to be you know open to possibility and change and stuff like that in these sorts of stories you know contrast that then against like another different team like even the mightiest heroes can be corrupted by power and you go the complete opposite way the villain may be the proverbial fallen heroes sort either you die the heroes where you live long enough to see yourself become the villain you mentioned to face earlier Yup this is a great example of that I would agree I would agree the quest may begin with a believer villainous still a hero and then only to find out that they have turned evil to be revealed as the villain which is a common and theme what was a superhero show that just came out the boys all the boys yeah there's a good that's a that's a great example of that kind of a it starts at the end almost I yeah almost with the turn that like you know you're you're dealing with that power struggle that that power corrupts Wheatley Yang you get that field so yeah very much so the quest may be to begin with knowledge begin with knowledge the villain is the villain later discover the origins as a hero the corrupted right yeah exactly that's own that's a great example is a great example of that the quest may even begin with Oh as still as the hero yeah but as the story moves forward slowly slips into villainy kind of like your your Arthur's example but but you leave him there yeah you know the story progresses he becomes evil crosses that threshold and you can't bring him back and you leave no option for bringing him back with this theme no you know yeah and it's a there's some stories where it's power power is just that it's becomes greed of and charity sat on the edge of his view and once he had everything they needed it wasn't even so much that he needed to keep it it was that he wasn't ever going to lose it all the things that he had gained so yeah they're.

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