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Being used in a malicious waste just to give you ads that you like leila port the tech guy. Good question though jerry. Like if so i know. A lot of people refused to have an amazon echo or a google assistant in their house. oh he hung up or siri. I know a lot of people like that but Any oh it's possible and it could be that your phone is also. I don't know it doesn't bother me that much. I'm wearing tight jeans right now. Yeah no. I'm not no. I'm wearing mom jeans. Leo laporte the tech guy. Is there a song professor. Laura musical director Called mom jeans because that'd be my song. Eighty eight eighty eight leo. That's the phone number little early to start the disco. We will be going in moments with mad magazine's maddest writer dick debartolo and his His was know. I was talking. To one of. Our callers is a Expert and vintage clothing vintage hats and he wonderful guy and he was explained to me was off the air though a couple of weeks ago. That men's pants you know remember you remember ever watch. I love lucy and fred mertz would come in and his pants would be like a high sometimes older folks where their pants really really high. He said everybody were those pants pants at high in the old days up above their tummy. You know right below the breast bone but pants makers realized they could make more money if they used less material so. The hip hugger became fashionable. Not because people wanted pants that would fall off your hips. But because it was cheaper to make and they could charge the same amount so prophet things. You never knew you'd learn here on the tech guy. Show leo on the line from anaheim. Hi leo leo laporte. The teke station leo. This is on the radio. All sean connery. All the time. I go i. I'm with you on that. I'm with you and he was really good in that movie. What a great movie. That was Where you talking about hunt for red. October ice station zebra well. They should zebra. Who knew rock. Hudson was when he did that movie. But i went to see that movie at the cinerama dome and holly me to and but not not in hollywood. I went to see it in the cinerama. Dome in leo in the teaneck new jersey with my grandma nineteen sixty eight. I was twelve hours..

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